George Mraz

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George Mraz - Rally for Recovery Fund

This is George Mraz, a world class bassist with decades of exceptional musical work as both a soloist and alongside others such as Stan Getz, Chet Baker, Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Dizzy Gillespie, Joe Henderson and many many more ( 
Surviving pancreatic surgery, George now has five months of recovery ahead.
With the unexpected complications, bills and very costly medications we are setting a new goal to double the amount of contributors and reach a record 730 donors.

Our hope is that we can restore George’s spirit and physical strength so he can create music for us again for many years ahead.

What an emotional year.  
Thank you for your love.  We count on your donations now in our time of great need.

So many of you are asking how we are doing, thank you so much.   It has been a hard year with eight months on edge for George, and his recovery from pancreatic surgery and a heart attack.  Many days we do not even have energy left to respond to you with our great thanks for your generosity.  But please know we are very, very grateful and we could not survive without you.  The George Mraz Rally for Recovery fund is keeping us alive and giving us strength at a time when we can not perform our music.

Please understand that while our musical careers are on hold, we are in deep human and financial despair.

George is in a lot of pain and lost weight but is hopeful of a full recovery which the doctors predict in another 5 months.  This December will bring another surgery for George.  We know that the next 5 months will be slow and difficult and the fact that it will be a cold bleak New York winter does not lift our spirits.  But you lift our spirits.  When we reflect on the enormous love and the unbelieveable 365 friends and fans who have reached into their hearts and wallets to help us - we are moved beyond words.  Thank you.

Since many friends, colleagues, and fans have asked how they can help support George.
We decided to set a new goal aiming to double the number of contributors to 730 people.

 Each vital donation made on this site will go directly to George and his family.
It is never easy to ask for help, so it is with great humility that we hope you can contribute to George’s recovery and share this campaign on Facebook and other social media.  If you can support the Rally for Recovery please do, no amount is too small, every dollar helps. And your words of encouragement and memories of music performances help lift George up and remind him of happier times.  

Every time well wishes come in George is inspired to get better and compose new music.  This is really working, thank you all.

This past year.
It all started last March when we received the terrifying news that world class bassist, George Mraz, had something wrong with his pancreas. Many doctor visits and tests led to a 7 hour long, difficult surgery removing a pancreatic cyst and then a dangerous heart attack after surgery with infection. Lucky to be alive, the reality of life as working musicians had to be put on hold. All concert performances for the George Mraz Trio were cancelled. George and his wife pianist, Camilla Mraz, stopped all income producing work to focus on George’s recovery.  Therapy to rebuild George’s core strength so he could hold up the bass again continued to progress for months. Unfortunately, George got pneumonia and the recovery was slowed down for about a month.

This past November George had to have an eye surgery which led to an infection and another frightening setback.  All physical therapy had to cease  again until the eye completely heals.

The same situation will occur in December with the other eye.
We hope this will be the last surgery and George can continue physical therapy to again hold up that bass and bring us joy through his gift of music.

You all are the reason we go on, and we know deep in our hearts that no matter how painful and slow the recovery George has the will to get better and play music again because of you.  Thank you for your past generosity and for continuing to care for us again now.

Our new goal is 730 donors.

 So please spread the word of the MRAZ challenge and share this gofundme/georgemraz link /  with as many as you can.

Send it to those who love George Mraz, excellent music, Czechs, jazz, bass players, and love helping others when life presents a difficult road.
Thanks in advance for your love, help, donations and helping us make a “Mraz-acle” come true.

George’s wish is to return to his music and regain the strength to stand before you and play his treble bass again soon.

Let’s give George the best gift ever, a strong, healthy recovery so he can share his music with us again.

With deep respect and gratitude,
Camilla Mraz
and  George Mraz Music Management team
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Lulu Martin
vor 24 Monaten

Hello! I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. I hope he gets better soon. I saw him playing in Boston, 1979. It was one unforgettable musical experience in my life.

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35.019 $ des Ziels von 50.000 $

Gesammelt von 420 Personen in 24 Monate
Erstellt am 6. September 2016
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50 $
vor 5 Monaten
50 $
Doug Sertl
vor 5 Monaten

George, we recorded together many moons ago in 1983!. You, me, Nick Brignola, Bobby Shew, Kenny Barron.....Wishing you a full recovery!. We have gigs this we need your legendary talent on so get healing!!!!!

25 $
Alonso Jasso
vor 6 Monaten

Wishing you a recovery to health.

99 $
Ales Ejem
vor 7 Monaten

Dobre uzdraveni

30 $
James Friedman
vor 8 Monaten

Continue on your recovery path. With best wishes.

50 $
vor 15 Monaten
50 $
Michael Madrigal
vor 15 Monaten

Whenever I listen to what I think is a Great Bass or Incredible Sound on my Jazz Station I always make point to find out who the Bass player was. Almost always it is or was George Mraz. Please get Well Soon George since your playing adds much needed Beauty to this decaying world. MMadrigal

50 $
vor 16 Monaten
100 $
Matt Riordan
vor 17 Monaten

Dear George So very happy to hear that you are back playing. Will be thinking of you and Camilla on May 20 (from Oz) as you perform at Bohemian National Hall. Keep going mate! Many loves.

100 $
Kazuaki Fujita
vor 17 Monaten


Lulu Martin
vor 24 Monaten

Hello! I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. I hope he gets better soon. I saw him playing in Boston, 1979. It was one unforgettable musical experience in my life.

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