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Nicol mom said: Hi Andi! Som my daughetr’s story. It began to karate in 2006. At age 10 she was a world champion in the age group 14-15. By thens she won several Hungarian championships and national championships and a student Olympics. Her leg problem began in 2008, then the doctor said that there was a problem with the articular cartilage. Take medicine. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and physiotherapy began. No improvement. First, minor, then larger, surgeries were performed on the right knee. Unsuccessful. When she learned to walk, the other's knees had an accident. Two feet, both of them became unusable. On the left knee of the accident, an experimental operation was performed. Needless to say, that did not succeed. Her legs were stiff, her muscles swollen. Permanent pain (to this day). The doctors knew nothing about it.
One and a half years, several surgeries, several implants. The crutch and the wheelchair were exchanged. Permanent articular fixation. It turns out that there are more genetic problems in the background, due to the fact that surgeries are constantly failing. My daughter fell so deep into depression that she wanted to amputate, but of course the doc did not go in. She spent months in the hospital or rehabilitated at home. She has no freedom, no friends, because her legs and many operations. Every step is dangerous for her, hers knees unstable, nothing fixes. Originally, she studied chemistry and was expelled from there because of hers medical condition. She is now preparing for a medical university. She has learned much anatomy. She has an idea of hers problem. There is a great chance to succeed. This solution is currently being investigated so we can launch it. The intervention (which is the idea), with one-off surgery, means faster and painless recovery for the patients. It would also serve as a solution to the unique complex problem of my daughter. At present medical science can not solve this. Doctors should operate hers legs every 3 months, but with this idea it would be enough to have one to one operation and she return to normal life.

Update: My daughter's feet are getting worse, getting the treatments.
Research is ready, no such thing has been found. The invention must be protected. This requires a lot of money. The sooner we can pay for the patent, the sooner the doctors can operate my daughter's leg.
This is hers short story.

And our. I was a private entrepreneur. It was successful. Nothing implied that it would be a problem. We bought a car, because the old one has already fallen apart. Then the problems started. First I had to borrow mortgages due to tax. It was not a problem for a long time because I was looking for it all. Suddenly they took the job opportunity and my business was ruined. I lost my job. That's when my daughter's knee problems started. My husband was only able to work for just 4 hours, for a little pay. I managed to find a minimum wage. There was hardly any lunch time. Then came the bank and I managed to stop 3 auctions at 4 infarcts. I got a nervous break, but I got up because my daughter was there. The next "party" was that they threw us the current and made us 700,000 arrears, and then disconnected the power supply because the police could not catch the thief. No electrician wanted to testify. We lived for 8 months without electricity. It was a hard winter, we did not have heating, hot water. We could heat a room in the apartment, in the rest it was only 4 degrees. We never played and talked as much as during this time. We did not give up. The car was taken out of the bank. Meanwhile, my job provided me the university, I started because I like to learn and my salary will be higher. We did everything to get up and work 10-12 hours a day, my husband works on almost every Saturday. So we have a hard time living from our money. We had to pay a lot of money for our daughter's treatments, orthopedic devices, medicines. Now, for the sake of my daughter's invention, we have to contract ourselves, but of course this is the smallest problem, because it's about my daughter's leg.
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“She is my daughter, Nikol. In the first picture, in the middle with the World Cup, on the second session. This child became disabled, a life-long man. Help me please.”
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140 € des Ziels von 15.000 €

Gesammelt von 5 Personen in 5 Monate
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