Please Help with Amber’s Recovery

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Friends and love ones,

Please keep our dear Amber Kornak and her family in your thoughts and prayers. As those who know her may know, it has been Amber’s dream to work with grizzly bears. She recently accepted a seasonal position in Libby, Montana for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a Grizzly Bear Wildlife Technician.  

On the morning of Thursday, May 17th, 2018, while  working alone remotely in the Cabinet Mountains south of Libby, MT she was mauled by a bear, suffering 2 skull fractures as well as severe lacerations to her head, neck, and back. As the bear attacked her from behind she was able to reach her bear spray and spray the deterrent to ward off the bear, and also spraying herself. Amber's wildlife training skills kicked in, and she somehow managed to stay calm and hike 2 miles from the site of the attack to her work vehicle where she then drove to find help. 911 was called and she was driven to an ambulance, delivered to life flight, and flown to Kalispell Regional Medical Center.

Once arriving at the hospital, she endured 4 grueling hours of surgery to remove bone fragments and clean wounds to her brain. Metal plates and screws were placed on her skull and drains were placed in her brain to relieve brain swelling and drain fluid. The lacerations to her scalp, neck, and back were also debrided.

Her condition is now stable, and she is recovering in the ICU where they can keep her comfortable with pain medications and monitor her for seizures (from the brain swelling) and watch for signs of infection (from the extent of her wounds). 

Anyone who knows Amber knows that she is fierce, and will fight like hell to recover as quickly as possible. However, this has created quite an obstacle for her. Her family and friends are reaching out in order to help her with her monthly bills while she is out of work indefinitely. No donation is too small, and would be greatly appreciated along with your thoughts and prayers.

100% of proceeds  will go directly to Amber Kornak. 

I will do my best to continue providing necessary updates throughout Amber's recovery.

Thank you so much!

Jenna Hemer

Missoulian - FWP: Bear attacks woman in Cabinet Mountains

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Hi everyone,

I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments and support through my recovery. I am just now able to work through all the comments and there is an unbelievably long list! I really appreciate all the donations and kind words! I am blown away with all the generosity people have showed.

Recovery is going well. I am not quite back to work yet but I have been out hiking, biking, and exercising as much as possible.

I have attached the interview I did at the local newspaper in Libby.

Again, thank you so much!! I really appreciate everyone. BIG thanks to my friend Jenna Hemer for taking care of this!! I feel so blessed to have so many family, friends and random strangers supporting me. It has really helped with the recovery process.
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Hey everyone!

It’s been a while...I just wanted to thank everyone for your support and well wishes. Amber and her family are truly grateful!

I just saw this article in the Arizona Daily Sun (link below) and thought I’d share it with you all. It has the latest news from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife investigation on the incident as well as a few words from Amber herself.

SURPRISE! She’s not giving up on her dream! This woman and amazing friend of mine...she inspires me.

YOU ALL! You all inspire me as well...there are so many kind people in this world. It’s a beautiful thing.

Thank you for all you have done!


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Hi everyone,

I can’t thank y’all enough for all the wonderful support!! I am on the road to recovery, it’s a dirt road and it’s a long one but I wouldn’t expect anything less. I have been able to be outside and slowly get back into hikes. It’s nothing major and very flat but it’s a start! I really appreciate all the comments and donations!! I was blown away and inspired by everyone’s generosity. Again, thank you so much!!

I hope everyone has a great summer. Please remember to be bear aware and pack your bear spray!

#wildlifegypsy #getlostmontana #406 #montucky #testedtough #counterassault
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AMBER IS HOME! She still has a long, tough road to recovery ahead of her, but she continues to amaze us and persevere.

We were shocked when her story made local news, then national news, and we certainly never expected it to get international news coverage. She has gained supporters worldwide from here in the United States, to the United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, and more.

Please continue to send love, prayers, good vibes, etc. her way as she aims to make a full recovery and get back to doing what she’s passionate about, working with grizzly bears and other wildlife!

We sincerely appreciate what you all have done for her, and cannot thank you all enough.

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45.790 $ des Ziels von 50.000 $

Gesammelt von 723 Personen in 13 Monate
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