Save Bed-Stuy Farm & Food Pantry

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Brooklyn Rescue Mission Urban Harvest Center (BRMUHC) grows and distributes nutritious food to families in need of assistance promoting a healthy lifestyle for both body and soul to the Central Brooklyn Community.

Who we are:
Co-founders Robert and Devanie Jackson have spent over 28 years in public service and outreach work among New York City’s neediest residents and shared a vision of creating a place that would do much more than rescue people from hunger.  We set out to create a place of healing and pride. Our dream was to create a secure food system in a community with limited access to fresh and healthy food, to transform a decrepit urban landscape into a thriving urban farm, and to inspire local residents to take control of their own nutrition.

Fresh food grown at the Bed-Stuy farm for the Pantry

What the funds are for:
We need your help to save the Bed-Stuy Farm from going into foreclosure and the Urban Harvest food pantry from closing. The Bed-Stuy Farm is need of $18,000 to pay off it’s mortgage arrears by the end February 2018.  Everyday it is a hard struggle for urban farmers to maintain their land in New York City. Developers are always at door asking us to sell the farm so that they can build another construction project.

Hungry families who shop (for no-cost) at Urban Harvest food pantry rely on the fresh hyper local food we grow on the Bed-Stuy farm both conventionally and in our greenhouses during the growing season. The pressure to close our farm is not just being felt at our organization but there is also pressure from the building management company to evict our food pantry for a commercial business that can pay higher rental fees.  This is a monthly struggle for our organization even though we feed many needy families in the community. (This $12,000 request for support will pay for one year of pantry rent and utilities).

With your help we can maintain our urban growing and our food pantry spaces with a donation from caring friends like you.

Our community impact:
Urban Harvest food pantry  provided fresh food to the 48,000 needy seniors and families with children at-risk of hunger.
The food programs served over 468,000 meals.
The Bed-Stuy Farm produced over 2600 lbs of food for the community.
The Urban Harvest food pantry distributed over 28,000 lbs of produce to hungry families.

Bed-Stuy Farm mentors neighborhood youth

Our story:
Taking up residence in an old brownstone on a residential block near a major thoroughfare, BRMUHC was conceived of as both a part of and a resource to its neighborhood. BRMUHC first began operating an emergency food pantry program for the elderly, disabled, and low-income residents of their neighborhood.

“We decided to find a way to distribute fresh, organic produce through our food pantry at no-cost to the pantry guests.” -- The Jackson’s

Long before they planted the first seed in the Bed-Stuy Farm, Robert and DeVanie revolutionized the concept of emergency food with the belief that people with limited options deserve healthy choices, and that all people deserve access to fresh food, even if they cannot afford to pay for it.

And in just these 10 short years, the community has embraced the Bed-Stuy farm. Robert and DeVanie are not only beloved neighbors and missionaries to the people of their community, but have become community leaders to seniors and youth alike. The ambition and success of BRMUHC’s efforts has been recognized with many awards.

Your gift will help us continue our hunger relief work in 2018.

This is where you can help:
To all of our Bed-Stuy farmers, our friends, our families, our dedicated followers …and to all of those who just learned about us by reading this post, I am asking you personally to help us save the Bed-Stuy farm and Urban Harvest food pantry.

Your gift will help us continue to feed hungry families and grow more food.

Please consider sharing this campaign with your friends and family on Facebook, email, Twitter, and text messages. Each share makes a real difference!  

Everyone needs fresh healthy food to live.

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Thank you for helping families and children defeat hunger and hopeless this holiday season.
Your support helped Brooklyn Rescue Mission operate its farm and food pantry programs. Your support aided thousands of hungry community members served and help our youth interns and senior staff serve hundreds of thousands of meals.

Today at the food pantry, we had great volunteers. They labored for over 3 hours sharing food and joy. Brooklyn Rescue Mission Urban Harvest Center shared with hungry families and seniors: Turkeys chickens, ground beef, sweet potatoes white potatoes, apples, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and many more items for their family holiday dinners. We saw many smiles today. So many people were able to receive food because of your kindness in 2018.

We would again like to request your support help to this Holiday season to Brooklyn Rescue Mission reach a fundraising goal of $ 10,000.00 for operation of the food justice program and the down payment on outreach van to feed hungry individuals that are homeless starting early 2019.
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Good evening from Rev Robert Ennis Jackson

We would like to thank all kind and wonderful donors. Brooklyn Rescue Mission programs are now able to go forward this spring and summer because of your donations. The bank has accepted a payment and we look to start planting in April without fear of closure.

Today the second day of spring we had a high school group from Manhatten scheduled to visit to help start the cleanup and repairs of the hoop house, The winter storm made us cancel those activities until next week.

We have four schools preparing to visit.
Two high schools and one middle school and one college group. They will help us clean up and plant with our six youth interns in April.

We are looking forward to a great growing season and a lot of educational learning by youth.

In other news, the food pantry and farm formed a partnership with GROWNYC to plan and do a nutritional workshop on the farm and at our food pantry. We also partnered with one our neighbor local garden to provide them youth intern for spring to help those garden seniors plant this spring.
I will post updates and follow-ups on the work of the mission and the community volunteers.

Food pantry interns will be busy serving families and seniors on Thursday if everyone isn't snowed in.

Thank you again

Rev. Robert Ennis Jackson

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Exciting news... because of your gifts and kindness we have reached our goal,$ 28,000, Wow! Thank every one who has given or shared.

We would like to also thank today's and yesterdays donors Derrick, Anika, David, Kayla, Peggie, SMC, Adam, Nina, Chris, Michael, Amanda, Patrick, Emily, Meredith, David, Nancy.

We have contacted the bank and officers have agreed to take the back payment and we set up sent it.But because of our delay from February to March the bank has increased the fees and cost by $ 6,000.00 so we going to keep fundraising until we reach $ 35,000.00.

It is exciting the work is able to continue and yes we are humbled by the outpouring of support.

Our next steps for March and April.

I am following up with teachers at two high schools to interview our next set of high school interns.
I am also planning farm planting season from the end of April thru September 2018.

Thank you for believing in the work of Brooklyn Rescue Mission.

Rev's Robert and Devanie Jackson
Brooklyn Rescue Mission Urban Harvest Center Inc

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Hello, good evening everyone.
Brooklyn Rescue Mission is almost its the goal. I would again like personally thank every donor and person who has shared our campaign for the last two months.

I would like to mention our most recent givers, Chole, Malia, Andrew, Michael, Marild, Pam, Dearon, Eli, Talia, Joshua, Mary, Katherine, Patrick, Madeline, Emily, Adriana, Cheryl.

Yesterday, I had a conversation with a young man who I have been counseling. The young man been fighting depression because of unemployment. He hadn't worked on the books in two years.

Two weeks ago I made a phone call and referred him to a friend, who was a job prep coach at a community job training program.

The young man gave me a thank you and hug yesterday. After redoing his resume with the job coach. He got six interviews in two weeks and received a job offer.He is now happily employed and getting a new start.

Your donations allow us to feed the poor, allows us to grow fresh food and provide that food to the community at no cost,

Your support helps us to mentor and empower young men and young women.

Your donation, volunteering, and sharing will allow the community to enjoy a wonderful green space for art and music this summer.

The wonderful kindness you have shown us and Brooklyn Rescue Mission will never be forgotten.


Rev.s Robert Ennis & Devanie Jackson
Brooklyn Rescue Mission
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29.729 $ des Ziels von 35.000 $

Gesammelt von 366 Personen in 10 Monate
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