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GoFundMe is here to help you fundraise for your business needs. Whether you’re looking for funds to fuel your entrepreneurial endeavors, or have a favorite local business that needs a little push to get back on their feet, the opportunities to bring those dreams to life are here for the taking. Check out these creative and successful campaigns to see how GoFundMe could work for you, too.

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Success Story: Bookstore Fundraising

  • Peggy and Carol, owners of Turn of the Corkscrew, Books & Wine
  • Amount Raised: $10,000+

When two former Borders Books employees got together to launch their own bookstore, they couldn’t have asked for a better turnout. Road construction soon robbed them of the foot traffic needed to continue thriving, so they turned to GoFundMe and raised enough to stay open well after the dust had settled. more

Success Story: Business Expense Fundraising

  • Denise Joy, owner of Mountain Spirit Herbals
  • Amount Raised: $17,000+

When the FDA updated laws surrounding how independent herbal companies label and market their products, Denise Joy turned to GoFundme for help. She raised over $17,000 to cover everything from legal fees to reprinting her catalogs, and her loyal customers are still able to order their favorite all-natural medicines. more

Success Story: Restaurant Fundraising

  • Lexi and Matthew, restaurant owners
  • Amount Raised: $27,000+

It wasn’t just whispers that made the Rumor Mill Fusion Bar and Restaurant a neighborhood favorite—they were applauded for their creative dishes. When a flood destroyed their structure, the community lept into action and raised over $27,000 through a GoFundMe to help rebuild and get the unique fusion fare back on their plates. more

Success Story: Entrepreneurial Fundraising

  • Athen, 7-year-old creator of the "Poke Glo Safety Button"
  • Amount Raised: $8,000+

When warned about the dangers of playing Pokemon Go, Athen hatched a plan to make glow-in-the-dark buttons and wristbands to help players see and be seen while fighting their virtual battles. He started a GoFundMe, and after being featured on Good Morning America, this young entrepreneur raised over $8,000 to start his business. more

Success Story: Agriculture & Farm Fundraising

  • Khaled, founder of In.Genius Farms
  • Amount Raised: $230,000+

After investing his own capital to develop a type of chemical-free farming and innovative vertical-growing systems, Khaled needed help to make his vision blossom. He turned to GoFundMe, shared his campaign with his healthy social media following, and in less than two months, was able to raise over $230,000 to get the seeds planted and launch his business venture. more

Success Story: Coffee Shop & Bakery Fundraising

  • Scott and Lisa, cafe owners
  • Amount Raised: $65,000+

When successful bakery owners Scott and Lisa were prompted by their community to re-open a local coffee shop once called the “soul of the town,” they knew they’d need a lot of support. When a small loan and personal funds proved insufficient, they turned to GoFundMe and raised over $65,000 in just two months.Now the Round House Bakery Cafe is back up and open for business. more

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