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Hi Everyone... !!!
My name is Sorrelle and I'm a genderqueer trans person with debilitating gender dysphoria. My dysphoria has been prevalent for over eight years- Often resulting in self-deprecation, and discomfort throughout the entire day. It is constantly on my mind, typically facilitating a great deal of anxiety. My chest is the most triggering component of my dysphoria, which has resulted in me binding my breasts to appear as if there was little to nothing there. This is both uncomfortable and only a temporary solution for me; and after many years of deliberation I have decided that going through with the medical procedure would be the only thing that will help me feel more affirmed in my body. 

Due to the pandemic I have been unemployed on and off which means reaching the financial requirements alone is completely unattainable. I've spent nearly any savings I had on recovering from an incredibly traumatic event that happened last year, requiring two therapists, as well as psychiatric assistance. After months of extensive work and support, I still feel discomfort on a daily basis feeling and sensing my physical body. 

Since I've only been vocal about my medical desires to my closest friends/loved ones, opening up about this on a very public platform is extremely intimidating. However it would mean the absolute world to me as I feel like I'm constantly struggling and could use some self-confidence and community support. 

The procedure would be this year and entail an FTM (female to male) masculinization operation on my breasts to remove the breast tissue, scar treatments, and follow-ups. 

My monetary goal includes the cost of the surgery, accommodation for the entirety of recovery (approx 8 weeks), and follow-up. As it is not covered through health insurance, everything I'd be covering would be completely out of pocket. I'm aware that there are so so so many worthy fundraisers and organizations to be donating to at the moment, so I'm insurmountably grateful for any amount of donation. Thank you so much for taking the time to read/donate/share <3 <3 <3 

Feel free to share/repost to any form of social media :-)

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