Julek asks for your help : Julek prosi o pomoc

-Tekst w języku polskim znaleźć można poniżej-

Dear Community,
we hope that 2021 will not be a bad one to all of you. May it be not too bitter.

Juliusz the dog and I are partners in crime since his adoption from the animal shelter in Krotoszyn, Poland in March 2011.  Back then he was the most miserable and wildest dog I had ever seen.

We  often get involved in helping other pets but this time it is us who have to  ask for help to cover Julek’s emergency veterinary treatment. One of his morning walks almost ended up in the most tragic way, after consumed drugs/poison he found on the pavement
His life was saved by the Emergency Unit of the Free University of Berlin. 
Several days ago we've  got a bill from the clinic.
This time it was me who almost ended up with a heart attack. Our  wallet was already emptied by the tonsil's treatment. The amount we ask for will cover all the emergency treatment (over 500 euro) and post accident control checks, examinations and blood test (over 300).

To provide you with more details:
the end of the famous 2020 wasn’t very fortunate for our almost 11 years old, so elegant and yet so grumpy, little white animal. For the whole November he had been fighting a very stubborn inflammation of his right tonsil, visiting the vet several times a week and facing a threat of a surgery (that would be his fourth one!), as he wasn’t able to swallow properly for quite some time and had hard time falling asleep, due to heavy cough.
But the worst was only to come.

On December 9th, shortly after hismorning walk, Julek started losing his life forces in the matter of minutes. He wasn’t able to move, stand still, his head was lose and eyes whirling around. Each and every attempt to stand up would end up with falling, and each step he tried to make was turning into crawling. He started fecal vomiting and wasn’t reacting to me at all. It seemed like he lost his sight and contact with reality. It was like a horror movie, just that it was for real.
We rushed to our local vet who said he can’t do much, as Julek seems to have symptoms of heavy poisoning and sent us immediately to the Emergency Unit of the Free Berlin University (FU-B) Animal Clinic.
These were the longest minutes of my life: for some endless few minutes I wasn’t sure he’ll make it, as his little white body seemed to be dissolving into my knees.  When we arrived, the doctors were already waiting for us and begun to act right away.

We’ve spent 8 hours in the clinic where the team of veterinarians literally brought the life back to the bravest dog (still!) alive. After series of tests and examinations, they decided that he must’ve either found some drugs on the street (Neukölln, the neighborhood where we live is famous for it’s dirty streets) or some poisonous food or poop. Fortunately his liver and kidneys weren't strongly affected.
We were lucky he made it and fortunate to have an access to the first class medical care.
Today Julek feels fine (as long as he is not bothered by any bicycle) and hopefully doesn’t even remember about his accident (maybe he just wanted to take something else that antibiotics?).
His tonsil got better, too, but let's still keep our fingers crossed for this part.

Reaching out for help in such a singular moment is not easy.
This is why we appreciate your support even more. I always believed in the sense community and I am grateful to all the people who already sent us their heartwarming words, thoughts and especially to Emanuel who provided us with all kind of technical and emotional support, during the craziest trip in Julek’s life.

Thank you for your help from the bottom of Julek's strongest of all and mine, a bit weaker, hearts. 

May the force which kept Julek alive be with you for the upcoming year!
  • Anonym 
    • €7 
    • vor 3 Mo
  • Wojciech Wojciechowski 
    • €15 
    • vor 3 Mo
  • Jacob Tuchendler 
    • €20 
    • vor 3 Mo
  • Aneta Zajaczkowska 
    • €25 
    • vor 3 Mo
  • Barbara Pendzich 
    • €100 
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