Houses of Dignity

What would Jesus preach in the 21st century? With “The New Gospel”, Milo Rau is staging a “Revolt of Dignity”. Led by political activist Yvan Sagnet, the movement is fighting for the rights of migrants who came to Europe across the Mediterranean to be enslaved on the tomato fields in southern Italy and to live in ghettos under inhumane conditions. The director and his team return to the origins of the gospel and stage it as a passion play of an entire civilization. In Matera, in southern Italy, where the great Jesus films from Pasolini to Gibson were shot, an authentically political as well as theatrical and cinematic “New Gospel” emerges for the 21st century. A manifesto of solidarity with the poorest, a revolt for a more just, humane world.


This crowdfunding campaign tries to create attention for the 4 projects that where part of the film and support the activists in their work. As artists we want to ensure that our projects are sustainable and we are very happy to collaborate with these projects. We would appeciate if you would support the causes of these great initatives for the working and living situation of migrants in South Italy. Below you find a short presentation of the projects that would be supported by you.

Yvan Sagnet's International Anti Caporalato No Cap Network
needs your contribution for the purchase of buses that are provided on loan for free use to farms that regularize the work of laborers in compliance with the relevant legislative criteria and that, after strict controls, have obtained the Network certification, i.e. the attribution of the Ethical No Cap Stamp.
The fields of agricultural production are often isolated and far from inhabited centers. For this reason workers have to move long distances to reach the collection sites. There is no system of facilitated transport of farm workers in the countryside by the public sector, nor by the farms involved. This situation has led to a sort of monopoly of transport by the mafia in the agricultural areas. In this way, the most fragile workers (not provided with autonomous means of transport) rely on improvised transporters with at-risk means of transport or on caporalato who can extort a part of the (already miserable) pay to the farm workers in exchange for transport. 


AgricoLa Leggera
: Social and environmental justice. Migrant permaculture. Improve the living conditions and social and working integration of migrants and farmers. Creating in Miglionico, near Matera, a new human, sustainable and realistic model of housing and self-production. Construction of straw houses and cultivation of agricultural products without chemical fertilizers or herbicides, free from the exploitation of the land: the "Food of the Uprising" to make us autonomous from the exploitation and the large organized distribution.

Facebook AgricoLa Leggera 


Casa Sankara
, which now houses about 500 people all torn from the hands of the mafia, has many projects to realize for the social and working inclusion of its community. After having built a wood-burning oven for the production of bread and other products, it tries to build a covered space in front of the oven for the consumption of products and the socialization of the different visitors. This space would give an opportunity for work like the other projects to come.

Facebook Casa Sankara 


Casa Betania: specialized agricultural training, with field laboratories. The project provides an interactive education that goes from zero (preparing the ground) to finished products (fruit) a path that safeguards nature and ethics. The crops proposed are a mix between those of African origin such as ochre and those belonging to the region (figs). From market research, these are requested products that would allow the project to acquire its own economic autonomy. Workers with such a project would achieve professional and specialized expertise and thus greater integration. The project can also be supported by migrants.
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