Be the hero an future of Eyüp Cinar

Eyüp Cinar was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type 1. In order to have a better future and especially to live, Eyüp Cinar has to receive a genetic therapy called Zolgensma. Zolgensma costs € 1,8 million. Zolgensma approval only covers children under 2 years.
Eyüp Cinar is 6 now months old and he has already lost his sister to SMA 10 years ago! his sister didn't even have the opportunity for therapy but now he has a chance for it! We have a fight against the clock. He must receive his treatment as soon as possible. We are supporting as a charity organisation ASYA Hilfsorganisation e.V. litte "braveheart" Eyüp Cinar.

Your donations will be greatly appreciated. This campaign is dedicated exclusively to Eyüp Cinar.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) is a neuromuscular disease, which is manifested by a progressive loss of muscle strength that affects the ability to walk, swallow and breathe. And it is the first genetic cause of infant mortality. It is caused by a mutation in the survival gene of motor neurons 1 (SMN1). This gene is responsible for the production of a protein that is critical for the nerves that control our muscles. Without this protein, these neurons cannot function properly and die at any given time.  And there is a genetic therapy called "Zolgensma" approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for children under 2 years old with a price of 2.15 million dollars. Zolgensma is designed to replace the missing or defective SMN1 gene with a functional copy that produces the SMN protein, thereby improving the function and survival of motor neurons. It seems that Zolgensma can save lives of those who are lucky enough to get it with a single dose treatment. Today Eyüp Cinar can't stand or walk and without support of hardware is not able to breath.  Unfortunately, he doesn't have a second to lose.  We need the support of volunteers who can help him during this fight and donate motor neurons for this breaveheart. We hope that Eyüp Cinar is one of the lucky patients receiving this treatment.
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