Support for the Hernandez Family

Many people will never forget the violent and unexpected death of our friend and New Mexico postal worker, Jose “Pepe” Hernandez that occurred a little over a year ago. The news report shook the cities of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, New Mexico because he was an instant friend to whomever he met.  On September 26th, 2020, his widowed wife, Nikki, and 12-year-old daughter were involved in a horrific car accident. After several days in the hospital, Nikki was released to go home and heal from her punctured lung and a broken hip. However, their daughter is still in critical condition suffering multiple broken bones, kidney and liver damage, and has undergone several surgeries to repair her aorta and stop unknown bleeding. To add to their stream of unfortunate events, their teenage son’s car caught on fire and was totaled, the day he visited his mom and sister in the hospital.

The Hernandez family has always been spiritually strong and self-reliant, but even with insurance, these recent events will stretch their finances immensely. To build support for this wonderful family, many of their family and friends decided to set up this GoFundMe page. Please consider offering assistance to help ease the burden of their medical bills, and any other treatment and therapies they may need. The money would also help with daily living and the educational setbacks Nikki will now endure, as she was taking classes to support herself and her family in a career. The family and community that surrounds them are extremely grateful for your sincere generosity. Thank you for your kind consideration! 

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Aleta Thacker 
Rio Rancho, NM
Nikki Hernandez 
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