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Dear Reader,
A few words about us and the vision we are trying to turn into reality:

Plastic Fischer was founded by Georg, Karsten and Moritz, after we witnessed large amounts of river plastic flowing through the Mekong Delta in Vietnam in December 2018.
Realizing first hand how much waste is entering the oceans every single day was the moment we decided to take action ourselves.

We wanted to develop locally built solutions. 
No high-tech. No priority on fancy design.
Impact before everything has always been our focus.

Without detailed knowledge about rivers or the waste economy, but highly motivated to find a solution for a global issue within a developing country, Moritz and Karsten moved to Indonesia in June last year.
Our starting point was the most polluted river in the world: The Citarum River, in Bandung, Indonesia.
After months of research, Moritz invented the TrashBoom. A simple, low-cost, but extremely effective swimming barrier which stops the vast majority of waste floating in the river.

They are not just a concept, we proved that they work and fulfill their mission to protect the oceans from waste!

While collecting a lot of plastic from the river, we understood that what we were fighting symptoms, caused partially by a lack of education on plastic pollution. We value the educational part as equally important to collecting it from rivers if we want to achieve a sustainable change and create a real impact on the situation.

Sometimes, people just don’t know, or forgot, that there is an alternative to plastic.

We will host free plastic workshops for the river community to raise awareness on this topic!

This being said, our GoFundMe objective is to:

          - Build a sorting facility
          - Deploy more TrashBoom systems
          - Hire full-time employees
          - Educate by hosting plastic workshops

With a successful campaign, we will be able to execute these steps in Indonesia, the world’s second-biggest pollutant.

If we would be able to reach even more than our announced goal, we will be able to deploy more systems, host more workshops, and create more impact.

Thank you for helping and caring, so that your kids and grandkids will have those beautiful oceans to swim in as we had as a kid.


Karsten, Moritz and Georg ♥
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