HANPUY, returning Home

Hello Family, 

my name is Sabine Valdivieso and HANPUY  is ging to be a wildlife preservation and rehabilitation center. A project that is born from the heart and the intention to help to conserve the biodiversity in the Andes of Ecuador. This project aims to reintroduce wild animals into their natural habitat through a rehabilitation program. 

I call on all people on earth to support me in my work, with a donation, to protect our nature from destruction.

Ecuador is in a critical state of loss of wildlife. Wild animals are suffering because illegal traffic and animal abuse, as well as from the loss of natural habitat due to human destruction of natural areas. 

Please help us in order to raise the necessary funds for the realization and to build a new project space. HANPUY is going to be a space for rest and recovery for wild animals in Zhuracpamba that is located an hour and a half southeast of the city of Cuenca in Ecuador. The HANPUY center will be providing suitable conditions to rehabilitate those animals that have the conditions to return to their natural habitat.
In addition, HANPUY will improve the quality of life of wild animals in restorative care that have reached an advanced age and that might need a special care as well as a new home with specialty in geriatrics and rehabilitation.

Our pioneer concept of integral rehabilitation is based on unifying the conventional methods of veterinary medicine with the ones of native ancestral medicine.

HANPUY is already cooperating with the AMARU biopark that receives more than 200 rescued animals per year. The vision of building the rehabilitation HANPUY center in our Lands of Zhuracpamba has the main intention of help those wild animals to return home.

Our central message is: to recognize ourselves as a family, through the involvement of every living being in our mother earth. Those of you who feel called to take responsibility with the care of our mother nature, are cordially invited to join our proposal to heal the heart of this GREAT FAMILY by supporting our project HANPUY.

Financial Plan:

For us ist trust one of the most important elements on our project. Trust can just be given if transparence is also given. So we would love to share with you the list of the outgoings that we are going have in order to make this HANPUY center possible, so you know what happened with the money that you trust in us.

We need at the beginning:
1. two big cages of 25 m²: The materials for each case cost around 5.000€. So we need 10.000€ for both.
2. Place and Inner adaptation of the cages 2.000€.
In the Position 1. and 2. we are taking care of the normal physiologic and behavioral needs of the animals, including urination and defecation, maintenance of body temperature, normal movement and postural adjustments, and, where indicated, reproduction.
3. Appropiate transport of the animals 1.000€
4. The price of building labour is around +/- 2.000€ for each cage. It means: 4.000€
3. proper food for feeding the wild animals (depending on the number of wild animals) for one year is about: 3.600€

Afterwards we are going to need also a budget for helping personal (to take care the animals while I am out, helping me to feed them, clean, dry the cages etc.). And this Position is not so exactly to define. So you see there is a lot to do. So I am really great full with those who already are helping us! And my heart is full of trust that outside there are a lot of people, who are going to join this goal.

Let us unite all our heart energy to support this project and help Mother Nature, our homeland, to heal herself through us. 

Together we can do it! Thank you very much family! 

For More Information please visit our Facebook Site too and we are be thankful when you help to share, like and push our Project forward:
Sabine y Juan Valdivieso - Montanha de Visión 
Amaru Biopark 
Photos © Stephanie Laura Sokol & Alban
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