Help Kamwokya kids renovating their library-office

Kamwokya is a slum in the Ugandan capital city of Kampala. Playing football is one of the few low-cost activities in a slum you can do to build team spirit, get exercise and make friends. Both boys and girls are part of the teams. The Child to Child foundation is run by 10 local volunteers, making sure the 300 kids in the team have football equipment, such as shoes, shirts and footballs. They also organize regular trainings and tournaments within Kampala.

The group has rented a small house which will provide shelter during heavy rains, when the kids cannot play because there are books and electricity. It has a toilet as there is none at the playing field which makes it hard for girls to join the game. It is also a storage for the football and cleaning equipment, and a contact point for visitors. However, it has not been serviced in 20 years....

The rough budget break down
(all inclusive of labor but materials are usually the most expensive):
masonry (to fix the walls and floors): 320 EUR
hanging ceiling (otherwise, it gets VERY hot in the dry season and VERY noisy during the rains): 180 EUR
fixing the roof (currently leaking): 80 EUR
metallic front door: 180 EUR
painting: 220 EUR
tiling: 130 EUR
electrical work: 90 EUR
  • Anonym 
    • €60 
    • vor 19 Std
  • Anonym 
    • €40 
    • vor 2 T
  • Alice Armbrust 
    • €100 
    • vor 2 T
  • Karolin Schneider 
    • €30 
    • vor 3 T
  • Anonym 
    • €50 
    • vor 4 T
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