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World-First: Rowing the Atlantic from Europe to America for a sustainable planet and the reduction of climate warming.

Who I am

Hello Crowdfunders out there!
My name is Julen Sánchez, I am 24 years old and born and raised near Köln (in Germany).
I have recently graduated from my Bachelor's degree in Psychology, but decided to dedicate my time and effort to something a little bit different for the years to come.
Two years ago, I was extremely fortunate to overcome a malignant cancer diagnosis and I promised myself not to waste any more time above ground without making a positive difference in the world.
The year 2020 marks the start of what might likely be the most defining decade in history in order to ensure good living conditions for future generations of humans, animals and plants.

What I am going to do

Therefore, I decided to make use of my passions for sports and adventure and embark on an incredible expedition in order to raise awareness for the necessity to find new and sustainable solutions for how we go about daily life.
As no person has ever traveled emission-free with a bike and a specially-designed 7-meter rowing boat from Europe to North America, I believe that right now is the right time to prove that new and unpaved roads can always be found and taken as long as we have the courage to dedicate ourselves fully to our cause. 

I have dedicated myself for almost 2 years now to the physical, mental, financial and organizational aspects to be able to row solo across the Atlantic, but I require your help in order to stem the remaining financial hurdles and row for our climate!

How we currently see the future

In 2015, researchers conducted a study to find out how many citizens of different Western countries actually believe in a better future. These were the results:

Maybe these numbers are not surprising, as most of us are well aware of the big challenges that we as humanity will have to face collectively.
As I am writing this text in May 2020, everyone of us is experiencing first-hand the restrictions in daily-life that go along with a global crisis such as the Corona pandemic. Therefore, I believe that we should use this situation as a motivation to take preventive measures before heading into a new and even bigger global crisis - the climate crisis.

What I would like to achieve

By travelling emission-free and with human-power only from Paris (Europe) to Pittsburgh (U.S.), I want to show that with the right mindset we have the power to bridge the distance of entire oceans (quite literally, but also when it comes to taking on the big challenges of our times).
By setting a new world-record I hope to generate enough attention to convince community leaders and decision-makers that even in our complex world there are still a few roads to be taken which are new and have never been walked before.
The most important of those is the road towards a future, in which economy and sustainability do not oppose each other and allow for the creation of better living conditions for humans, animals and plants and the protection of the breathtaking beauty of our planet.

How I need your help

Next to my studies and travels, I have worked for over 6 years in part-time jobs in order to be able to even dream of taking on a difference-making expedition such as my Atlantic Row. I have invested all of my 20.000€ savings, dedicated years of time and energy and sacrificed job opportunities and a high standard of living because I believe in the importance of standing up for our future.
I have received a tremendous amount of encouragement and support already. However, I still need to cover the remaining costs for my ocean rowing boat (33.000€) and the first-aid equipment set (2.000€). 

Please help me fund this incredible expedition and make my dream come true so that we can make people believe in a better future again!

If we can raise the remaining 34.895€ together, I will be able to depart on this incredible expedition in October 2021 and become the first person to ever row from Europe to North America.
In this way, we can make sure to maximize the amount of attention that the expedition will receive for the cause of making our planet more sustainable! 

I am extremely grateful for any contribution (if small or large) and will furthermore honor each donor who contributes over 50€ by engraving your name on the ocean rowing boat (size in accordance to the donation).

Note: All of the money raised beyond the costs of the expedition will be donated to an ocean-protection charity (more information on my website: ).

With love,


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