Help Kaciri to fight Endometrial stromal sarcoma

Kaciri first noticed her stomach kept getting bigger in an abnormal way and it was very painful for her. She got checked in Jakarta, Indonesia and the Dr ran USG test on her and found she has big myom there around 16cm.

She got it removed in March 2020 and from the pathology test, it is Leiomyosarcoma type of cancer  which affecting 1 in 6 million women. Kaciri flew to Germany in July with her stomach already big again eventho from the surgery in March they removed 1kg cancer from her abdomen area. Kaciri started to do chemotherapy in Germany in hope that the cancer will get smaller before the next surgery to remove the cancer from her abdomen.

In August 2020 Dr found out that chemo is dangerous for her and it did not help diminish the cancer.

She got another surgery in September 2020 and removed 2.5kg cancer from her abdomen area and continuing chemotherapy after that.

In February 2021 new result came and it says Kaciri has Endometrial stromal sarcoma. Endometrial stromal sarcomas (ESS) are very rare malignant tumors that make around 0.2% of all uterine malignancies.

the very rare and hard to be cured cancer that affecting 1 or 2 women in 1 million women. Now Kaciri is still in Germany. She can no longer work, her sister flew to Germany to be at her side. 

Kaciri spent almost 3 weeks at the hospital in Bottrop, Germany cause her stomach is getting bigger in the early of March 2021 and it was hard for her to breathe normally and she keeps vomiting everything that she consumed so she got rushed to the hospital at night by ambulance .

Kaciri got catheter attached to her stomach.
The 1st day the catheter and tube attached there, they remove 3.1 L fluid out of her stomach. The 2nd day was 800ml, 3rd day was 650ml, 4th day 800ml fluid produced by the cancer cell again. It is so aggressive and breaking my heart to see what she needs to go through. This fluids made her hard to breathe and kept vomiting.

Kaciri has 2 catheter attached to her stomach. 1st catheter is to get the cancer liquid out. And the 2nd catheter is to help her with vomiting. If she doesn’t get the 2nd catheter she can’t even sleep cause she keeps vomiting. 2nd catheter also means that whatever she consumes goes directly to the catheter and thrown away to a plastic tube. Or else she gonna puke it and it will be harder for her. She’s dropping so fast because her body can’t absorb the nutrition anymore.

Kaciri is now getting 24 hour pain killer and is in Hospice Bottrop cause her Doctors have given up and said she has less than 2 weeks to live

Please help Kaciri during her very hard time

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Melinda S 
Bottrop, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland
Ria M 
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