Help Kuta Lombok rebuild from the flooding


The rain season has left Lombok, Indonesia flooded.  Homes and families, already struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic and still recover from the earthquake in 2018.

Flood Accompanied By Mud From The Hills Submerging Kuta Mandalika Village, Lombok.

With the help of our Lombok Plastic Free Team and the donations from you - We want to provide :

Clean Water is very important at the moment, as the water wells are either destroyed or full of mud and can't provide drinkable water for the locals.
With clean water, we also want to prevent diseases and other infections.

We need to provide the villages with necessary food. We've been able to distribute 500kg of Rice, Oil, noodles and other important food which don't need to be necessarily cooked as many kitchens have been destroyed.

We need to provide the village with the right medication as
dirty water will bring diseases such as diarrhea, ulceration, and other skin problems. Important for us is to provide the village with the right equipment as the dirty water will bring mosquitos and the dangerous DENGUE FEVER diseases.
Also, we want to provide mats, blankets, pillows, baby equipment, and co.

Many people here rely on tourism to survive and the pandemic has had a devastating impact.

About Lombok Plastic Free:  We want to stop the consumption of single-use plastic in Lombok. WE CARE of (y)our ocean, wildlife, and the health of future generations. Lombokplasticfree comes down to you and me.

That's why all of the distribution will be focused on less plastic delivery for the villages as well.

We've been communicating with the major of each district to set up a main pick-up point for each village so each household can bring their own bags and buckets to pick up the distribution. 

If we can reach more donations - We want to focus on a LONG-TERM PLAN

First of all, we try to re-build the walls / stronger / more sufficient 
We want to focus to build a new system to keep the environment safe,
plastic and the general environment for our community. 

We will keep you updated on our Instagram

the Lombok Plastic Free movement 


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