Help Roma Mahala Musicians

Dear friends and family,

We want to help and support Romani musicians in SHUTKA-SKOPJE. We are specifically targeting a group of brass musicians from Eastern Macedonian villages who live in Shutka.
Under normal circumstances these musicians  make very little money. This time of year they rely on weddings, graduation parties, etc. in order to provide for their families for the entire year. With COVID-19 shutting down all gatherings, they are in dire need of help, and cannot even pay their rent.

In most of Europe, Roma are at the bottom of the social latter. The government is giving little to no aid/social benefits, so we are taking it upon ourselves to preserve this music, culture, and tradition. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Everybody is impacted by this virus in one way or another. We are asking those who are able  to help our financially at risk friends in Shutka, Skopje.

Its important for us to support these musicians during this crisis.

Please consider donating to our GoFundMe.

100% of proceeds go directly to these musicians and their families.

Every bit of help is needed and welcomed.

Thank you all so much, and we will get through this together!

Sani Rifati, Director, Voice of Roma
  • Adrian Böckli 
    • €500 
    • vor 13 T
  • Carol Bloom 
    • €100 
    • vor 1 Mo
  • Valerie Holt 
    • €20 
    • vor 1 Mo
  • Christos Govetas 
    • €655 
    • vor 1 Mo
  • Pegasus Band 
    • €60 
    • vor 1 Mo
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Sani Rifati 
Berlin, Deutschland
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