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From Mauritius to the USA( A dream come true)

My name is Samuel Greedharry, and I come from the Island of Mauritius, an African country which is located to the east of Madagascar. A few years ago, I had a dream to come to study in the USA. Because the USA is expensive for internationals, I worked very hard in school, got the best grades could, participated in competitions, extracurricular activities, and even volunteered in a forest so that I could get a good portfolio and secure a scholarship. After months of waiting, I finally got accepted at Oral Roberts University with a good scholarship offer. With some help from my family, my dream became true. I was finally in the USA. It was an amazing feeling and I was happy and grateful at the same time.  I finally made it!!

Being in the USA

My family did their best to help me during the first two years, and I did my part as well.  I kept working hard in my classes and worked part-time on the school campus. I made friends, started a club, and even studied Chinese for a semester. It was an exciting experience to be independent. Budgeting, washing my clothes, eating at the cafeteria, and even cooking were my everyday routine in this new life. However, the fun was only temporary. 

Affording College ( As an International Student)  

Because of Covid last year, things changed as I had to find ways to cover the remaining college costs after my scholarships were applied and the funds that my family gave me were gone through paying school.  Since I am an international student, I have limitations as well which put me at a disadvantage; I cannot work more than 20 hours a week, and I am not allowed to work outside my school unless by a special internship or permission. My school as well is limited in the number of scholarships they can give and usually, the priority has to be on American students, which is totally understandable because a country has to help its citizens. 

A very unpleasant situation happened 

Because I did not want to abandon my dream, I found a way to pay for my school, or I thought I did.  I met with a friend of the family who accepted to give me a donation towards my school in exchange for helping him on his farm. It was a good deal. Little did I know that the person would do me wrong and give me only a small fraction of the amount that was decided after helping for 3 months on his farm. I felt cheated, disappointed, sad, and crushed. My dreams were shattered, but I did not give up. I came back to school with the little money that I had and found a way to at least get me through the first few months. For the 2020 Christmas school break, I could not go back home since I had to work to save some more money to pay for school. 

Entering 2021

Even with all the work that I did, the amount was not enough to cover all the college expenses and my school was also financially affected because of Covid. I was told that there were no funds to help me through scholarships and loans. Because of the current circumstances, I am not even allowed to work until I pay my school first. "Is this the end?" I asked myself this question a hundred times and I could not accept it.  I tried every way I could but to no avail. Should I give up on my dreams? Should I surrender to the unfairness of life? Should I stop smiling and dreaming?    OF COURSE NOT!

Honesty and Hope for the Future

Someone once told me to always be honest, even when I have to share my life and the challenges I face. This is actually the first time that I open myself in such a way. I believe in the power of unity a quality that everyone possesses, and because I believe in unity, I believe in you, and I know that you can believe in me as well. I have not given up on my dreams. One day I want to become a person who can help others in need, I want to be a problem solver, I want to open my own company that will change the lives of many, I want to write a book and inspire a lot of people, I want to look back and be grateful that I did not give up, but instead decided to keep moving forward and to count on you. 

Thank you for supporting my dreams, and believing in me. 


I am in need of about $6000 before the end of this week(by Friday 19 February 2021) to wipe my prior balance as well as another $8500 to help out for this semester until May. 


****Update i was able to gather enough funds by Friday 19 February 2021 to at least get registered. 

Now the school needs $5000 to be paid by the 15th of March and another $5000 by the 15th of April. 

We already raised about $9000 net(which is wonderful) since gofundme takes a percentage. 

And if we are able to raise the $14500(believing we will) ,The first $10,000 will go towards this semester(till end of April) and the rest $4500 will help a little towards summer school(may-july) and fall 2021 (August -december).

Hopefully we are able to break past the $14,500 and those funds will help me continue my education. 

*Plus I will be working 20 hours a week as well to make the extra cash to save and sustain myself. 


Beyond words, I deeply appreciate the support. 


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