Help the IWB Project with a new computer

Hey everybody! 

Things are changing quickly in my life and unfortunately I'm gonna be without my computer soon because I'm leaving my work, so I have to return it I hate to ask for that here on GoFundMe and to be this vulnerable, but unfortunately at the moment I don't have the funds to get a new one... What happened is that corona fucked me up really good and most of my savings are going to help my family in many ways in Brazil (for example paying for the hospital bills of my dad who had Corona and paying for some of their recurring bills, such as groceries, etc). 

I've been running the IWB community  for the last 4 years and I'm working on making it my full-time job. I know that won't happen very soon and that's fine, but I need the computer to basically be a freelance designer for a while, to pay my own bills. Since I work with photos, animations and videos, I need a powerful computer to render all the graphics I create. I know MacBooks are a bit more pricey, but I've been working with them for the last 5 years(best brand for designers) and there are some softwares I use that just run on IOS. Also I don't mind buying a second hand MacBook and the price I'm asking for is based on what I've seen in second hand websites (I think a new one would be even 1k more).

If you always wanted to donate to the IWB community but didn't want to do that via Patreon, this is you chance to help the community, since I'm also gonna use this computer for creating content for the group, website , Instagram  and keep moderating and developing new ideas for the group That means I would be forever grateful for you and you would be helping this community which has been helping immigrant women for the last 4 years

Btw, I'm thinking about doing something in return for everybody who donates to this cause and I would for sure at least post the name of everybody inside the group and our Instagram :)

Thank you so much for your support! <3
Even if it's 1 euro, it already helps a lot! <3 

Photo of me moderating the group, last year, with the current computer I've been using and that is going away soon :(

Pablo Hassemann for Trampolin Magazine


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