Help us getting out of Ugo's misadventure

Im here this time asking for your help,

some of you may already knows about Ugo’s misadventure :

Last Saturday morning I took my beloved dog UGO to Tegel see, in Berlin. He's my companion of life, my Family.

He got poisoned drinking the water of the lake, it’s been all extremely quick and if it wasn’t for a Hunter living there which I met on the desperate run through the forest and took me with his car to the nearest clinic the dog would have not make it neither to get to the vet. I arrived at the clinic at the very last moment. I spent the whole day there, Ugo did fight in intensive care, unconscious and was put under artificial respiration for over 9 hours: the doctors told me to be prepared, cause they are already aware of this toxin, it’s very strong and very quick , and that the dog had very few chances to ever wake up again.

Its been a miracle, a terrible story with a so unexpected happy ending….cause my little fighter MADE IT. He started breathing again on his own and eventually woke up. Its been such a journey, which ended yesterday night when I finally heard the magic words "he’s out of risk, and can come home."

If you already heard about Ugo's story is because I massively pushed the news all over the week end.

The purpose was another, of course, I just wanted to prevent other dogs from running into this danger.

But yesterday night when I took Ugo home from the clinic I have also received the bill…which is waaaaay over my possibilities…not only, I was told that within the next month I will have to take him back for injections weekly and after it, it would be needed an ulterior cycle of exams cause of the state of his liver…which is gonna be an other economical bomb. They were incredibly careful and understanding; its been matter of emergency and it was clearly unpredictable going to a lake, to end up with a dog quite died and 2K Euro to pay, they where so kind to give me a little time to find the money.

A good friend of mine suggested me to try a fundraising, I never did it before, but here I am …asking you all if you can help me find the money to can cover at least this first big emergency bill, so that I can be able on my own to go on taking care of the further expenses for Ugo’s recovery.

  • Cristina Nicora 
    • €20 
    • vor 9 T
  • Giulia Martina Falcone 
    • €10 
    • vor 9 T
  • Stefan Ihmig 
    • €20 
    • vor 9 T
  • Anonym 
    • €10 
    • vor 9 T
  • Enrica Pilia 
    • €30 
    • vor 10 T
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