Hilf Anna in Deutschland Informatik zu studieren!

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Bitte helft mir, an einer deutschen Universität studieren zu können!

Ich möchte ab Oktober 2021 Informatik studieren. Die Regelstudienzeit beträgt sechs Semester. Da ich leider keine EU-Bürgerin bin, muss ich einen Semesterbeitrag von 1.500 EUR zahlen und 10.236 EUR für mein Visum aufweisen. Das ist eine Hürde, die ich ohne Unterstützung nicht schaffe. Sobald ich als Studentin eingeschrieben bin, darf ich einen Minijob haben und werde mir einen Teil meines Lebensunterhalts selbst verdienen können.

Für eine Spende wäre ich unendlich dankbar. Bitte teilt mein gofundme, damit auch andere von meiner Geschichte erfahren.

Tausend Dank,

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Hi, my name is Anna, I´m 24 years old. I am from Ukraine and I want to study at a German university. In order to be able to do that, I need your help. This is my story:

I grew up with my older brother and my parents in the eastern part of Ukraine. My parents did not have a lot of money. Even though we lived in a better neighborhood, I was still scared to go out in the evening because of drug addicts and alcoholics. Early enough I realized that good marks in school were my only chance to get out of Luhansk. I had to study very hard. Because of the corruption it was not easy in school. The teachers were bribable. But with hard work I made it through. In August 2013, I got into Kharkiv University and started studying law. A little later the revolution on the Maidan in Kyiv started. Since then, the question remains whether Ukraine should choose closer ties with the European Union and the west or with Russia. Here in Germany, when I tell people about

the revolution and the ongoing war in Ukraine, they are shocked. Many of them think that only Crimea is occupied by Russia. But my home is occupied as well.


The law studies were similarly corrupt as school, but I made it through with diligence as well. My parents did not have any money anyway to support me in another field of study.

After I finished my law degree, I took part in an Erasmus-program in Lithuania. I worked in a care home. It was the first time I was abroad for a longer period of time. I also met my friend from Germany in the Erasmus project. I showed her the paper that states I am a refugee within my own country and said to her: “Look, it says here that I am homeless.” She was very shocked and made it clear to me that life in Germany was much better.

Back in Ukraine, I worked in a law office for five months. I was earning 8000 UAH, which is approximately 250 EUR ($286). Half of the money was spent on rent, the other half for food and tram tickets.

I dreamt about coming to Germany, for a chance at a better life. That is the reason I started taking German classes at night.

After months of hard work, I finally got a chance to come to Germany as an au pair. Meanwhile I continued to take German classes twice a week at the university in Freiburg. My teacher advocated for everyone in the class, and I made huge progress. But then the pandemic hit.

Language courses at the university were canceled and my host family needed me during the lockdowns. Because I am not from the EU, I was only able to be an au pair for one year. My host family generously helped me get a language course visa.

Now I am already taking my second intensive language course and will have C1 soon. That means I will be able to apply for university. After a moment’s thought, it became clear to me that I want to study computer science (IT). The costs are 1,500 EUR per semester and an additional 10,236 EUR for my visa. There are countless obstacles for people like me – without my lovely host family, I would have long been back in Ukraine by now. They support me like their own daughter.

I found many new friends here, with whom I like to go skateboarding and who have helped me put together this fundraiser, so I can stay in Germany.

I love Germany because I can be myself here. I do not have to be a “typical” girl.

My host family is like a second family for me. Freiburg has become my new home.

Please, help me, so it stays that way!

If you can, please donate or share this fundraiser with your family and friends. It would mean the world to me.

Thank you,
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