Hunger or CoVid19 - In solidarity for India

Dear friends and fellow human beings, 

I am born in a country where social distancing is a true luxury - India. Ever since the lockdown was announced on the 25th March all throughout my beloved India, millions especially wage workers and day labourers, mostly migrants from rural areas living in big cities like Delhi and Bangalore have been left in the dark. Nowhere to go, nothing to eat and no shoulder to lean on. The government has indeed promised cash transfers and rations for the needy, but as you read in this article from Aljazeera , its not all that simple. Many wonder if help would come in time for those running out of time. I, like many, since the lockdown are concerned that the virus might not be the greatest threat to India than hunger itself. Its no secret that about one quarter of the 1.3 billion people live in poverty. Thus the sudden disruption and stop, with the best intentions in mind, might have a bigger disaster looming.

These are testing times and we are all called upon to stand up and hold the torch up high. In whatever way possible. I just couldn’t sit in my cushy home, speculating this lockdown is good for contemplation, the environment, internal cleansing or whatever, when I read millions are probably about to starve in 2020. Its a very surreal situation WE ALL ARE IN but we are still the privileged class, with enough food, roof over our heads and some sort of security to fall back on.

This campaign is very straight-forward 100% of the proceeds minus the platform fee, will go to the below organisations in India who I have personally known and collaborated with since several years. Both the organisations have nothing to do with disaster relief but are called upon to step-up to the situation. Sonal is from Protsahan, working with children from disadvantaged background in Delhi and Dilip is from Sukhibhava in Bangalore who runs a trust on menustral hygiene awareness. We might have another last minute project in Bihar, which is also being considered.

According to our calculations, we need 20€, to provide basic ration for one family to sustain for about three weeks. Grocery prices may differ city to city but this is a rough calculation. I will update this campaign with post-campaign video (if needed) and receipts/ reports of where the money went. On surpassing our goal of 20,000€, we want to reach out to local hospitals to provide basic sanitary necessities, masks, gloves etc. I will re-post if we surpass our goal.

Links to organisations:

Two credible organisations in Bangalore and Delhi 

Me, Narmada from pink maharani 

Our goal is 20,000€ to provide basic ration of food and supplies to last at least three weeks to one family.

I am very grateful for every single € we collect. Please share this campaign with your friends and contact. I believe we can overcome this together and grow from this crisis where we deeper than ever recognise each other's humanity and fully accept our own vulnerabilities. Thank you. Namaskara. 
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Narmada Ramakrishna 
Hamburg, Hamburg
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