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Dear All, first of all THANK YOU for clicking on my link.

Every day terrible things happen in Sri Lanka and animals fall victim to brutal acts of violence by humans. Two dogs especially have torn my heart apart over the last few days: Bawantha and Patti.

Crying dogs like Bawantha (scroll down to see him in the video at bottom of this page) are unfortunately common: they are beaten and brutally mistreated.

To attract the dogs, traps are constantly being laid; food with explosive objects. Patti, a courageous Mum, had her face blown apart by explosives hidden in food. She had suffered for 5 days somehow managing to feed her babies despite being critically injured. Her mouth ripped apart so she could not eat or drink and got weaker each day. Yet she nursed her pups until she died.

Animal SOS Sri Lanka is an animal charity set up by a selfless and wonderful human being called Kim Cooling in 2007. It has worked tirelessly for nearly 15 years to try and help animals like Bawantha and Patti but relies solely on donations to help them continue to fight for these helpless creatures. They struggle on a daily basis to raise enough money to even feed these animals and care for their immediate and urgent medical needs.

It’s a wonderful and pure charity that is very close to my heart and it would mean the world to me if you could spare even just a little contribution to help towards their cause.

They are a registered charity in the UK under the licence number 1119902, all funds raised go directly towards saving the lives of some of the most horrific cases of animal suffering.

Personally, I have two dogs: Tate, a street dog from Romania and Lanka, a female dog from Sri Lanka. I found her more dead than alive on vacation and pulled out all the strings to bring her home with me (after 6 months of quarantine).

I thank everyone who has read this far and an even bigger THANK YOU to everyone who donates ❤

To help get the word out, please simply keep sharing this link.

  • Tamara Conca 
    • £10 
    • vor 1 Mo
  • Jack Timbers 
    • £81 
    • vor 1 Mo
  • Adele Maxwell Harrison  
    • £30 
    • vor 1 Mo
  • Priyanga Nugegodage  
    • £5 
    • vor 1 Mo
  • Joyce Mitchell 
    • £20 
    • vor 1 Mo
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Animal SOS Sri Lanka 
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