Meals for Beirut

Hey there,


the beautiful Libanon and its people are struggling, not only because of the pandemic but various reasons, the massive explosion, corrupt government .... you name it.

One of my closet friends, Paul, lived in Beirut for about a year - just before COVID hit I did get the chance to visit him and instantly fall in love with the country, its people and the culture. Besides spending a memorable time with Paul and his friends - one guy stood out. Probably the most generous human being there is. WAEL.

Wael himself went through difficult times, financially and emotionally - but he still managed to built up a small kitchen where he and helpers cook meals for people in need. Just in the last few month he created thousands of meals and put smiles on faces in theses horrible times. Friends and me already supported Wael, by raising money, to keep this amazing project alive. Nevertheless, people never stop being hungry and the government is far from assisting....


Moreover and to wrap it all up, I'd be supper happy if you spend your money - instead of your next coffee2go - on this outstanding project. I tried to keep the text above as short as possible but squeeze in all the information needed. Please do feel free to contact me, if you may have any further question, hit me up [E-Mail ausgeblendet].


Finally, I' d appreciate it if it wouldn't just be a the amount of a coffee2go, but anyways every little penny helps.


Thank you all so much in advance


All the best and stay safe




Below, as a proof that this is not just a scam, you ll find some receipts, unfortunately in Arabic but better than nothing.

And some lovely personal images of Beirut before the explosion and pre the pandemic.

Ps: We had the barrier of 1k to tackle but we already flew by it, thanks to you! All that in 4 days.

1k was the aim but any amount above doesn't do harm and is much appreciated. 

! Let’s do this ! 

1000 Euros already reached Beirut and are transferred into yummy food. ! THANK YOU !

First meals where cooked, rice and chicken yesterday - today, rice and vegetables and so on ..... 















  • Georg Puluj 
    • €75 
    • vor 28 T
  • Jesco Puluj 
    • €40 
    • vor 1 Mo
  • Kenny Joyner 
    • €20 
    • vor 1 Mo
  • Maike Küpper 
    • €10 
    • vor 1 Mo
  • Anonym 
    • €20 
    • vor 1 Mo
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