Medical Expenses for The McKee Family

Milani and Collin got married in 2015. They had hopes and dreams as all newlyweds do. Collin works at the fire department and Milani works at UF Health helping moms who have just delivered. They worked hard and bought their first adorable home together.  The McKee Homestead.

Quickly they decided they wanted to have children together. Unfortunately, life would bring many curveballs (as it usually does) and they would suffer multiple losses and failed IVF pregnancies. Despite all of this, they remained hopeful and found joy and purpose in selflessly fostering children. 

At the beginning of 2020, Milani and Collin found out they were PREGNANT - a complete and most awaited surprise to them both and all of the family. This would be their miracle baby. But after many months of being very sick, sorrow would again make its way into their lives with a crushing and devastating cancer diagnosis for Milani. 

As you can tell, Milani and Collin are fighters and have proven their strength through so many difficult times - but they NEED our help now, especially as their miracle baby is only 21 weeks. 

The journey ahead will be challenging, and full of many unknowns. Please give Collin the chance to be by his wife’s side. If you cannot donate, please uplift them with your prayers.

We appreciate you all for reading this and thank you for your love and support through it all. 


  • Megan deLorimier 
    • $100 
    • vor 7 Mo
  • Linda S Coleman  
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    • vor 7 Mo
  • Jeff, Michele, Chris & Jacob Williman 
    • $200 
    • vor 7 Mo
  • Anonym 
    • $50 
    • vor 7 Mo
  • Joseph Acosta 
    • $100 
    • vor 7 Mo
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