Nix's Surgery Fund

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Hi friends it's me Nix!

I'm a Portuguese trans girl currently living in Berlin and started my transition back in 2017, when I was 18 years old and still living in Lisbon. I started to take hormones for three months but it didn’t go very well and it put me in a very bad place both mentally as well as emotionally so I decided to stop for an indefinite period of time.

Flash forward to 2020, I’m living in Berlin and I feel like I’m once again ready to start my physical transition. I start taking hormones again in March of last year and it’s been nothing but amazing but hormones only go so far for me personally. The next step for me is FFS, and I am excited about this yet nervous about how I will achieve this alone. So I am asking you here, to help me achieve my GoFundMe goal, and I've outlined below with full disclosure where these funds will be going:

- Surgery:

Forehead reconstruction with an eyebrow lift,
Chinplasty & Jaw surgery
Trachea shave,

- Accommodation:

Travel costs to and from Marbella, Spain, where the clinic is located.
Hospital fees, meds, food and everything included for my recovery stay in the clinic's hotel.

I am currently employed and saving as much money as I can but these procedures are very expensive and for me to be able to have them done this year would be a dream come true and make my everyday life so much easier, as it would immensely help me with my dysphoria.

Thank you so much for reading this and any amount that you can donate is more than welcome! Please also share on any social media platform :) I am forever grateful xx


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