NOTATIONS: ex nihiló by Magdalena Vaskó

Hi! I'm Magda, a Polish multi-disciplinary artist living in Berlin. I moved here just about a year ago, having studied and worked in Canada for over 20 years. I'm selling my collection NOTATIONS: ex nihiló, donating 50% of proceeds to GIVE SOMETHING BACK TO BERLIN. This is your chance to invest in an original work as well as support a great project helping migrants find their feet in a new city. 
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NOTATIONS: ex nihiló  is a series of works crafted on my various travels in the last few years. Most pieces are abstract illustrations, intuitive doodles made through a prism of my inherent child instincts, unmasking personalities and objects from the imagination in order to combat uncertainty and doubt. Being a professional dancer, I think of my process almost as tentative choreography.


Prices start at 80€  small, 120€ for medium and 200€ for larger works (they're the best ones ). They all come with measured bespoke passpartout, and I'm offering to frame pieces, as an optional extra.  All works are created with acrylic paint and mixed media on acid free paper. 

Give Something Back to Berlin   is a multi-award winning association that connects migrants, refugees, and locals to engage in building an open and inclusive society. Their projects include;

Open Music School a musical skill-sharing project that supports diversity in the music scene of Berlin (Because who doesn't like to jam )

Open Kitchen breaks down social and cultural barriers over food and creates home-like spaces for people who love food, ie everyone

Open Hearts Space a safe space for those being exposed to a new culture by encouraging dialogue and supporting trauma healing

Open Language offers interactive sessions for German and English language learning (wait... I should go to this!) ‍

Team-Ups are a platform for Berliners of all kinds to come together, meet, mix, and share. ‍

OK, so by this point you're AMAZED by the work of GSBTB and you'd like to have my work on your wall. It's time to part with your hard earned cash and give yourself a karma boost. Here's how it works;

 1. ‍EMAIL ‍to request which piece of art you'd like to buy via the ⬇️CONTACT BUTTON ⬇️at the bottom of this page

 2. We ✅CONFIRM ✅ your order (ie whether your piece of art is still available, or already sold)

 3. PAY via the Gofundme donate button

4. We SEND your art, with passpartout (and frame if requested)

5. We DONATE 50% of all proceeds to GSBTB (or I'll run away to Barbados...just kidding) 

I've felt uprooted from everything that has happened to us all this past year. However, when I think of people who have left everything behind for a fresh start, in the middle of a global pandemic, my worries are really nothing. In a period where it's so easy to get caught up in our own struggles, I hope you'll join me in giving something back, and helping GSBTB  in their awesome work.


Magda x
  • Matt Coffee 
    • €50 
    • vor 25 T
  • Wiktor Vaskó 
    • €30 
    • vor 1 Mo
  • Aleksandra Woronkin 
    • €50 
    • vor 1 Mo
  • Cristina Silber 
    • €200 
    • vor 1 Mo
  • Adrian Hayles 
    • €75 
    • vor 2 Mo
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Magdalena Vaskó 
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