Save LizaHill Tours & Travels in Darjeeling, India

This story is about my indian Bhai Bibesh from a small village close to Darjeeling in India.
After he gratuated in Hotel Management, he started working as a cook and learned a lot about indian and chinese cousine in Hyderabad, Jaipur and Guragon. In his following job he gained diverse practical experience in Hospitality Management at a Bed & Breakfast in Delhi far away from his wife and family in Takdah. As a guesthouse manager he did everything he could to make traveling and discovering India easy and unforgettable.

To be with his loved ones and make a living for them, he worked really hard, saved most of his salary to invest all savings into his dream of an own homestay and travel company. Now he organizes trips to Sikkim, Darjeeling and offbeat areas nearby Dareeling, helps his guests with local knowlegde and tries his best to create unique moments for everyone. 

Please take some minutes and watch the following video from Bibesh. He will tell you his story and explain why he needs your help now!

Let's help to save 'LizaHill Tours & Travel' with two lovely homestays, one close to family nested in tea plantations in Takdah and another one with breathtaking view in Darjeeling.
I met Bibesh in 2017 when he worked at Bed & Chai Hostel in Delhi. We kept in touch after I traveled back to Germany and almost one year later I visited him and his family to stay at 'LizaHill'. I will never forget these days with his lovely family and relatives who I can call my indian family now. I really hope to see them as soon as possible again!
People all over the world are facing big changes during these days. The Corona Virus is not only threatening our health. Many people are loosing their jobs, income and hope...
Not everyone gets the help they need to survive especially in countries with weak govermental support systems. If they are not working, they have nothing.

Bibesh invested all his savings in 'Lizahill' and now he has no income at all but still a huge responsibility for his family and employees. His drivers reley on 'LizaHill'. He has to pay their salary, rent for homestay, bills and of course needs some money to buy food, medicine, everything we all need for a living.
Support my Bhai (brother) from India, his family and employees.
Your help will be most appriciated!
We hope to overcome this virus soon and Bibesh would love to welcome you at 'LizaHill' if you are traveling to India!
He will give you a 30%  discount for your room, a guided tour or cab service. 

For more information about 'LizaHill' visit 

Thank you all a lot <3

Anneke, Didi from Bibesh, someone who loves traveling and India a lot.
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