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Our names are Jill and Leah and we are here in Adaklu Helekpe, a rural village in the Volta Region of Ghana through the University of Notre Dame's International Summer Service Learning Program. While we are here, we have two main roles. The first is to help teach English and Integrated Science to the students in the local primary school for the 8 weeks we will be here. The second is to work with the Adaklu Youth Education Committee, AYEC, to raise money to send students from the area to college (which they refer to as tertiary school). Only 5% of families in the village have the financial means to send their children to tertiary school, so this scholarship makes a big difference in providing an experience to students who would not otherwise have the opportunity. 

AYEC began in partnership with the US Peace Corps with the original goal of raising money to cover the costs of tuition for secondary school students. However, with the recent changes in government funding, secondary schools in Ghana are now free of charge for students. This led AYEC to shift their focus toward helping youth achieve a tertiary education. In order to get a good job in the area, is almost essential to have a tertiary education. Therefore, for these young adults, it is their way to move toward a better future.

The program not only impacts the students who apply for and receive the scholarships, but also the community at large. The students who go on to tertiary school make a promise to pay back their scholarship over time, without interest, so that it may be self-sustaining and benefit future students from the community. Further, all of the money raised by AYEC goes directly to scholarship money for the students. This year, our goal is to raise enough money to send three students to tertiary school to complete their degrees. 

We greatly appreciate anything you can give to support this great cause; this would not be possible without you. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have about this program or our experiences here in general. Thank you again!!

Jill and Leah

P.S. AYEC does not have its own website, but we have attached an article about the organization, some basic information about the site through the ISSLP program, and the blog of the student who came to this village last year to work with AYEC, which might offer a little more insight into what everything is like here!
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