Surgery after paralysis

About two months ago around the evening we noticed that our dog Snow wasn't being quite himself which made us suspicious and prompted us to check with the vet, where they scheduled exams for the next morning. Unfortunately during the night the situation progressed extremely fast and he lost all mobility and sensitivity on his rear legs. The exams confirmed he was suffering from a disc hernia which was causing damage to his spinal cord. It's a less frequent case even though it is naturally occurring. In fact, his vet did a check up one week prior to the incident where he didn't find anything concerning and said it was not possible to have predicted this. The only possibility as treatment was an emergency surgery. If he didn't get surgery immediately we would have had to proceed with euthanasia, as it would have become a degenerative issue and it would eventually kill him while causing intense pain. The chance of surviving the surgery was at 60% with no certainty about his ability to move his legs again. Nevertheless, we just had to take the chance, collect all of our money and borrow enough money from friends and family to try to save his dear life. The 5h long and very complex surgery was nerve wrecking but successful, however the mobility and sensitivity did not return. After a week in the hospital we were advised to start physiotherapy immediately and ever since Snow's condition has been improving week after week. This has been a huge challenge both emotionally and financially especially since we both have lost our jobs due to the pandemic. We knew we wouldn't be able to manage the expenses on our own which is why we decided to create this gofundme page for Snow and a page on Instagram to document his journey (@ineedphysiotherapy). We are endlessly grateful for the ongoing financial and emotional support we've been getting since none of this would be possible without your help! We still have hard weeks and months ahead of us but all of you keep our hopes up and our will strong ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Amin Rami 
Kaarst, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutschland
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