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50279160_1597154901580539_r.jpegFoto: A containerized
 `Launch Pad` for a SolarSchool & Aquaponic Farm

                                                     STEP by STEP EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION
                                                                                         is about building
                                                               SOLAR SCHOOLs & AQUAPONIC FARMs
to fight the devastating outcome of the climate crises the African continent is confronted with.

Wir bauen Solar-Schulen und Aquaponische Farmen für Afrika, um die drohende Klimakrise zu lindern, denn Nahrungsmittel und Landwirtschaft werden die grösste Herausforderung für Afrika werden.

In Uganda, we aim to build a SOLAR SCHOOL in the Kavule Mpigi District to serve a group of vulnerable and scattered housings of some 2500 families including elderly people.

50279160_1597079693246671_r.jpegFoto: A wooden shack serving as a 'School' facility / Eine 'Schul-Hütte' , aber keine Schule. 

Video on the facts of the Climate Crises in Africa - Die Klimakrise in Afrika
Courtesy of Deutsche Welle, Broadcaster []

Our support is tailored to Community Based Organisations (CBO) only, to ensure direct help for vulnerable communities, to fight famine, gender inequality, and support young African women and local African entrepreneurship! 

Unsere Unterstützung  ist fokussiert auf lokale Gemeinschaften und lokaler, gefährdeter Dorfstrukturen um direke Hilfe zu garantieren, ohne Umwege und ohne Verzögerungen; besonders wichtig ist uns die Gleichstellung der Frauen und Mädchen in der afrikanischen Gesellschaft, das Recht auf Nahrung und lokales Unternehmertum, besonders von Frauen.

                                                                 What can be done with 125.000 Euro?
                                                                  Was können 125.000 Euro bewirken?

- Built the first project segment (125.000 Euro) of a Solar School & Aquaponic Farm in Uganda to make a dream come true within three (3) months!
Bau des ersten Segmentes einer Solar-Schule mit Aquaponischer Farm im Kavule Mpigi District, Uganda, innerhalb von drei (3) Monaten.

- The projected Solar School is designed for 250 Children and to give shelter to 80 orphans.
The scalable model is designed to grow exponentially, based on the land size purchased.
Our total invest is calculated with 225.000 Euro, based on our Proof of Concept farm projects.

Die Schule ist zunächst für 250 Kinder konzeptioniert und wird ca. 80 Waisenkindern ein Zuhause ermöglichen. Das Modell ist skaliert und abhängig von der Grösse der erworbenen Landfläche. Die Gesamt-Investition ist mit 225.000 Euro kalkuliert, basierend auf den Erfahrungen mit unseren existierenden Schul- und Farm-Projekten.

The Solar School will have boarding houses / orphanage and sanitary solutions, including Ablution and a Maternity clinic, all powered by Solar energy. 

Unsere Modul-Container haben alle notwendigen Zertifizierungen und können sogar vor Ort gebaut werden, schaffen also auch sofort Arbeitsplätze in der unmittelbaren Lokalität - Step by Step!

Die Schule wird neben einem Waisenhaus auch als Internat Wohn- und Schlafplätze sowie Spielplätze  und Kindergarten bereitstellen.

Alle Einrichtungen erhalten sanitäre Grundversorgung, sowie eine Kleinklinik zur Erstversorgung.

Die Sanitär-Container Lösungen ermöglichen die hygienische Grundversorgung (Ablution), sowie eine Wasserversorgung mit speziellen Wasser-Recycling-Möglichkeiten.

Die Schule wird modulartig gebaut, und ermöglicht dadurch eine skalierbare Konfiguration für Klassenzimmer, Küche, als auch Waisenhaus, Wohn- und Schlafplätze bereitstellen. Alle Einrichtungen erhalten sanitäre Grundversorgung, sowie eine Kleinklinik zur Erstversorgung.

Die modulartige Bauweise der Schule erlaubt jede Art der Erweiterung und spezielle Zugangs-  und Nutzungsbereiche . 

- As the SolarSchool will produce fish and vegetables, the School will have its own food supply. As well a small farm for Chicken and Goats is planned.
Die Schule produziert mit der Aquaponischen Farm Fisch und Gemüse zur Selbstversorgung.  Hühner- und Ziegenhaltung auf dem eigenen Gelände ist geplant.

50279160_1596891680565997_r.jpeg(Photos: Proof of Concept Aquaponic Farms in South Africa & Kenia) / Im Bild: SolarSchule und Aquaponik Farm in Südafrika und Kenia)

You can support our projects by Donations, as a Sponsor, Ambassador, Trust or within your Brand's CSR in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Unterstützen Sie uns bitte mit Spenden, als Sponsor, als Stiftung oder auch im Rahmen ihrer Firmen-Politik zur sozialen Verantwortung  und der globalen UN Ziele zur Nachhaltigkeit.

We offer as well the possibility for a monthly donation or a sponsorship model to support our CBO projects in Africa.
Mit einer monatlichen Spende oder einem Sponsor Modell können Sie unsere Projekte in Afrika ebenfalls fördern.

50279160_1597080123363425_r.jpegFoto: On the way to School - with a plastic canister for water / Auf dem Schulweg zu Fuss -  und immer mit Wasserkanister.

The Business Model(*)

                                                              IMPORTANT BACKGROUND INFORMATION
                                                      SOLAR SCHOOLS & AQUAPONIC FARMS for Africa(*)

STEP by STEP Empowerment Foundation is aimed to help local rural communities to fight famine, overcome the gender inequality in education and empower especially African women by building local relationships supporting SolarSchools, Orphanages and intelligent, sustainable smart farming cooperatives using Aquaponic Farm systems, integrated with SolarSchools.

50279160_1597081799706189_r.jpegFoto: An Orphanage in Sambia

SolarSchools & Aquaponic-Farms enable local Community-Based-Organisations (CBO) to grow fish and vegetables in a controlled water management environment of local cooperatives, putting the focus on self-sufficiency and enable a new education curricula model about Smart Farming in our Solar Schools.

50279160_1597081402190871_r.jpegFoto: The lacking key to a better development of smart farming is very often the know-how.

The change of climate conditions force locals more and more to look for other sources of livelihood. As there is no tradition of field cultivation in many areas of Africa, the lacking key to the development of farming is the know-how. That is why we focus on training farms at primary and secondary school levels where we practically teach children and their parents about ecological smart farming within the curricula. Our intention is to create a comprehensive education system that will enable students to gain knowledge from basics to specialization, and trigger each students passion and individuality for the common good.

The Aquaponic Farms will pass on the know-how and seeds to new farms. Gradually, new farmers are supported in the region and market, thus we support the startup of Farm Cooperatives. This will make lifes easier and will ensure a better infrastructure for communities and their inhabitants.

Aquaponics, which combines fish farming with growing vegetables or fruits fits perfectly in most African areas, as local disadvantages can be enhanced significantly and quickly.

Aquaponics can help the absolutely poorest people get food. Moreover, the best food. Africa still lacks food, education, affordable energy and fair cooperation. Despite the tremendous help coming to Africa from outside the continent, the basic system of cooperation is poorly set and disadvantageous for too many Africans. STEP by STEP came up with a courageous project to support African independence, by enabling a turn-key support for smart farming, local energy and hands-on education for the 21st century challenges, plus to empower women entrepreneurship and education for the 21st century requirements.

50279160_1597080719892840_r.jpegFoto: To have a water pump near-by is vital to cultivate succesful smart farming intitiatives in Africa

Aquaponic Farms and SolarSchools
will help create and develop an entire network of accompanying services. This will ensure long-term sustainability, a constant flow of income for local people in rural communities and it will support the possibility to form the basics for fair trade to pay transparently for the products made by people in Africa.

50279160_1597081528799817_r.jpegFoto: Once fish & veggies are produced locally in the communities by using Auaponic Farms, empowers  women business skills and the chance, lifting entire families out of poverty. On top, the best food is produced.

(*) Project details, such as the design of a SolarSchool & the Aquaponic Farm business models, managing costs and management structures are clearly defined and can be disclosed upon request by writing to :

mah (at) dencorp (dot) net
contact (at) mavecon (dot) info

(*) The 'STEP by STEP Empowerment Foundation is a registered Foundation and Ltd. in Uganda.
We maintain a local law agency for any legal or juridical questions, We also have established contacts with international Universities so our SmartFarming projects can become part of an international framework study.

The Foundation is represented in Uganda by the local Founders and the Project Leader, Mr. Richard Mukasa; he can be reached via eMail :  mukrich1986 (at) gmail (dot) com


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