Supporting Dj Ape and his craft!

Sustinem Dj Ape, sa dea sunet si mai blana!

Thank you, beautiful people, music lovers, and generous pockets :D
Throughout the past 1 and a half year, we've been getting connected online, trying to feel closer than we actually are. We have to mention how much of a role online music streamers have played in this process. If it's just a background soundtrack, a commitment you made to a friend, or endless raids shows that got you hooked, we've all found ourselves in that place at some point.

Here's to the new "normal", the screen communication, the sound, the voice, the intimacy of our favorite selectors, DJs, and radio hosts' homes.
In our little Romanian music family, we love, respect, and support our true sound providers. The ones that always show up, who pour their heart and soul into every stream, and who spend the rest of their days digging for concepts and ways to make us happy again, with the click of a button. One Dj, in particular, made his way up into the live stream world, a rising star - Dj Ape. He got the selection, he got the moves, the techinque, he got jokes and he's always gonna be real with you. His contribution, support, and unconditional passion for music made him stand out and be included in most HipHop projects in Romania. There's only one way to go - UP!

We're here for it, as he is always there for us. The streaming game is pretty rough, the investment Djs have to make in order to rise up to a quality standard is always ongoing, there's always something that needs to be fixed, replaced or improved. Right now there is a need for better sound quality and this is achieved through an upgrade on the turntables. Our brother has his eyes on a second-hand pair of Reloop RP 7000 Mk2 Silver, that can go off the market any day now.

Our goal is to reach 2800 lei / 570 euro and enjoy the sweet sound of community, support, and damn good music. See it as a small investment in your entertaining services. Any donation is welcome and much appreciated!



  • Alex Cherciu 
    • €15 
    • vor 20 T
  • Alex Boca 
    • €10 
    • vor 21 T
  • Razvan Eremia 
    • €85 
    • vor 21 T
  • Anonym 
    • €20 
    • vor 21 T
  • Anonym 
    • €5 
    • vor 21 T
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