Tuition for Private High School

From Coach Tom:

I have coached Jumarion at Powderhorn Park for four years. He is not just a player to me, he is someone who I care about a great deal.

In January, Jumarion told me that he wanted to attend DeLaSalle for high school. I volunteered to assist him with the process of applying. By the end of February he'd been accepted but that was just the first step. It took a lot of effort to get that far.

About Jumarion...

Jumarion is a gifted athlete who also does well in school. Attending DeLaSalle is Jumarion's dream and getting an education at DeLaSalle would have a very positive impact on his life.

He has also has maintained a B average in school while making the honor roll many times, and he is also a very talented athlete.

Jumarion worked hard this last winter on getting the required paperwork turned in and taking the three-hour entrance exam. In February he was accepted to DeLaSalle. He is officially registered to attend DeLaSalle in the fall of 2020!

Now we're hoping to raise some money to help with the outstanding tuition for 2020/21. Every little bit helps so please donate what you can and have a positive impact on this young man's life.

If you want to talk to me directly before making a donation, you can message me on Facebook.

- Coach Tom Wurdock

A letter of recommendation from a middle school teacher:


Dear DeLaSalle Admissions,

I have had the pleasure of teaching Jumarion Weh in my science class during his eighth grade year. Jumarion shows great dedication, curiosity, determination, and leadership skills both in the classroom, and in the school community. He would be a great asset and addition to the DeLaSalle community.

Jumarion is keen to take opportunities for positive leadership in his school. He chooses to participate in Anwatin’s Community Service program, as well as extracurriculars such as basketball. He encourages his classmates, and affirms his teammates, supporting them toward success. These opportunities engage his strong social skills, and ability to positively guide his peers.

Jumarion’s work ethic, and inquisitiveness serve him well academically. He takes earnest interest in class content, and is dedicated to working towards comprehending subject matter. Jumarion asks engaging questions, showing his genuine love of learning. He is motivated to produce his best work, seeks feedback to consistently make his work better, and his strong writing skills provide an opportunity to demonstrate his thoughtful nature.

I am glad to recommend Jumarion to become a part of the DeLaSalle school community. He would be a great asset to the school community, both in academics and extracurriculars. I know Jumarion will continue to contribute positively to all communities that he is a part of. His talent, intuition, dedication and thoughtfulness will make him a great asset to your school. 


Sophia Mickman
Science Teacher
Anwatin Middle School
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