World Choir for Peace - Singing Unites!

Join our gofundme campaign to support the non-profit organisation World Choir for Peace's mission to bring about a culture of peace through singing together.

With your contribution, you can help us to send our message of the importance of music out into the world. We need your help to raise funds for the post-production of our debut album "Peaceful Choir" and to aid further events that nurture our expanding global choral community, these include: further recordings, concerts and concert tours, workshops, seminars and lessons that spread our message of hope and positivity. We were unable to cover the cost of of the post-production as all events this year were cancelled. Right now, it is more essential than ever for human singing to be protected as a cultural asset, and for that, we need your help and support. Thank you for your interest and generosity. 
The WORLD CHOIR FOR PEACE was founded by conductor Nicol Matt  under the patronage of the German UNESCO Commission in 2018. Our international community comes together to sing for peace. Our opening concert “The Armed Man” with Karl Jenkins featured 2,000 singers from around the world to commemorate the end of WW1. As soon as feasible, we will present workshops with John Rutter, leading a massed choir. Our efforts are also present in the production of a concert for War Child ; an organisation for the protection and education of and support for children affected by war. We are excited about new connections with UNESCO, the United Nations and theMayors for Peace  organisation.

The WCP has a core choir of 24 professional singers from 16 different nations worldwide. The sing-along projects expand the choir with around 2,000 music enthusiasts from all over the world, coming together to sing for peace and the preservation of our planet. Supporting this idea are well-known international artists and composers who have written pieces especially for the choir, which touch our innermost emotions. They encourage us to use the resources of this earth carefully, to protect human rights, to promote international understanding and tolerance for each other and to create a culture of peace and awareness in which the worship of our nature can again find a place with all living beings.

52915832_1606674079162053_r.jpegThe 2000 singers of the World Choir For Peace together with the World Orchestra For Peace performing "The Armed Man" by Karl Jenkins. Photo: Dagmar Titsch 

We believe that singing is one of the oldest and most valuable cultural assets of mankind. It is what unites us - across generations, cultures and national borders.Music is a universal language and is something we need more than ever in these times. The coronavirus pandemic is financially destroying the music and arts communities throughout the world, with government funding at all levels cut or removed completely. 

In March this year the World Choir for Peace produced their first album "Peaceful Choir". This album is a global achievement. Artistic director Nicol Matt  brought together 24  singers from around the world to perform with some top SONY Artists, Lavinia Meijer, Harp; Tim Allhoff, Piano; Esther Abrami, Violin; Gereon Theis, Cello; Josefa Schmidt, Piano.  19 works from internationally renowned contemporary composers are featured on the recording, including more than a dozen world premieres. Like writers, painters, directors and choreographers, our contemporary composers are ambassadors of our time. We give them a voice to make their messages heard. Our debut album is for everybody: lovers of classical music, people wanting to discover a peaceful sound, and anyone believing in the power of choral music to unite cultures.

52915832_1606674198274025_r.jpegRecording "Peaceful Choir" at the Tessmar Studios in Hanover. Photo: André Cruz 

A successful campaign will allow us to plan future tours, concerts with a global community and new recordings in the 360 Audio Reality Format. We know that this year has been difficult for many and we hope that our music will relax you and give you both pleasure and peace.

Thanks for supporting us,

World Choir For Peace

Together we can make it happen, because we firmly believe that #singingunites!
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