Final Expenses for Faith

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Erstellt am 29. August 2018

It is with a heavy heart that I write these words...

Yesterday, a beautiful light went out, and our world is a darker place for it. Faith Kalis, daughter, sister, mother, friend, girlfriend... was killed in a high speed multiple car crash in Camp Verde, AZ at around 4pm on Tuesday August 28, 2018. 

The vehicle was ripped in half upon impact, and Faith's 2 1/2 year old son Jayden was ejected from the car and found strapped in his car seat facedown in the road. He was airlifted to Phoenix Children's Hospital. He is now listed in stable condition, but with broken bones, fractures, and possible internal injuries. He is currently in a neck brace, has 2 IVs in place, and is on a ventilator. They are keeping him heavily sedated at this time. Prayers are urgently requested for Jayden's strength and healing. 

Faith did not survive the crash. 

So many people feel helpless and want to do what they can, so I am starting this fundraiser in hopes that we can make some small difference for the Kalis family, and lessen the burden of the exorbitant cost of funeral expenses for Faith, as well as expenses associated with the medical care for Jayden's road to recovery. 

Please give what you can, and share this campaign. Additional fundraisers will be held locally throughout the coming weeks. 

We love you, Faith. You will be missed. 

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Faith's services have been scheduled for this Friday, September 7 at 3pm at the Beaver Creek Baptist Church in Rimrock. The family encourages anyone who would like to share a fond story or memory of Faith to do so, but requests that you keep your words under 5 minutes in length.

Jayden continues to improve every day. He has been walking the hospital with family, and interacting with other children. He will be in casts for a while, but doctor's expect a full recovery, and he may be able to head home very soon.
He has a long road to recovery ahead of him, but we are so thankful that he shouldn't need any more surgeries in the future.
Please keep Jayden and the Kalis family in your thoughts and prayers as he continues to heal, and they process their grief from this devastating loss.
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I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on Jayden's condition.
His injuries were even more extensive than they initially thought.
He had a broken right orbital bone (eye socket) He was placed in a neck brace as an extra precaution. He had a fractured left femur. There was a deep open laceration of his right upper arm, and broke the two bones in the lower part of his right arm. He also fractured his pelvis on the right side near his groin.
He had multiple abrasions and contusions to the head on his right side, as well as skull fracture.
His liver has a small bleed.
As of yesterday, they were still running tests for internal injuries & brain injuries. He had a breathing tube that they'll take out eventually, but he was breathing on his own, but not at full capacity.
He's been responsive and moving his toes and fingers so he's not paralyzed.
He can't talk because of the breathing tube but shook his head no to pictures and a nap earlier.

Overnight, he had surgery to set the fracture to his femur and to debride the open laceration of his arm and clean out all the glass.
The surgery went well, and they expect to remove his breathing tube later today.

His brain activity is good, and they're saying he wont need surgery for the skull fracture, and his pelvis and liver are expected to heal without intervention.

If all goes well, he'll be moved from the PICU to regular pediatrics this weekend. They do not expect him to need any more surgeries, but he will likely be in the hospital for at least 2 more weeks.

You have all been amazing, and in a little over 24 hours, have raised over $4,200 for Faith's funeral expenses and Jayden's medical care. But we're not out of the woods yet, and there is still a huge financial burden to take care of. Please continue to share this campaign, spread the word and give from your heart. Thank you all so much for your generous donations in the Kalis Family's time of sorrow.
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9.480 $ des Ziels von 10.000 $

Gesammelt von 176 Personen in 24 Tagen
Erstellt am 29. August 2018
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