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Sammle Spenden für Bestattungskosten oder für das Gedenken an einen geliebten Menschen.

When a loved one passes away, it can seem impossible for the surviving family to cope with the grief, let alone the financial costs of final arrangements. By crowdfunding for funeral and memorial costs, you can spend less time worrying about finances. Whether you’d like to commemorate your loved one with a memorial fund or scholarship, or you have upcoming funeral bills, GoFundMe can help. Take a look at some of the campaigns below to see how others have helped survivors of the deceased.

Explore funeral & memorial fundraising: Celebrate a Legacy | Funeral and Cremation Expenses | Memorial Scholarship | Outstanding Medical Bills | Support Surviving Family Members | Travelling Expenses

Fundraising for Outstanding Medical Bills

  • Amount raised: $6,000+

When Ben’s best friend fell ill and passed away unexpectedly, he was heartbroken. He wanted to ease any stress on the family caused by outstanding medical bills, so he started a GoFundMe that raised over $6,000 for them during a time of tragedy. more

Fundraising for Funeral and Cremation Expenses

  • Amount raised: $10,500+

Marissa described her mother as a “stubborn fighter” who refused to let cancer take her away from her children. After being in remission for over a decade, though, the cancer returned in full force and Marissa’s mother passed away. Marissa started a GoFundMe to honor her mother’s wishes of being cremated and having a party to celebrate her life. more

Fundraising for a Memorial Scholarship

  • Amount raised: $60,000+

First Lieutenant Weston Lee was killed by an improvised explosive device while serving in Iraq. To honor his legacy, a memorial scholarship was established to benefit Sigma Alpha Epsilon members at the University of North Georgia, and over $60,000 was raised through GoFundMe to make that possible. more

Fundraising to Support Surviving Family Members

  • Amount raised: $490,000+

Georgia State Patrol Trooper Nathan Bradley was distraught when he discovered that two victims of a fatal car crash on Halloween night left behind four young children. After spending a heart-wrenching evening with them, Nathan took action and raised nearly $500,000 to cover funeral costs and lend support to the children. more

Fundraising to Support Surviving Family Members

  • Amount raised: $221,000+

After the loss of their beloved son and brother, the Maigetter family opened up a GoFundMe for the wife and two young children left behind. With more than 2,000 donors, the campaign managed to raise over $221,000 to support the grieving family. more

Fundraising for Traveling Expenses

  • Amount raised:$680,000+

After a man was shot and killed in a racially-motivated confrontation in Kansas, a friend opened a GoFundMe and enough money was raised to send their beloved friend, engineer, and husband back to his native India so the family could pay their final respects. more

Fundraising to Celebrate a Legacy

  • Amount raised: $8,000+

Jessica was grief-stricken after her dear friend and roommate had her life cut short one terrible night. Yearning for a physical place to visit and honor her friend, Jessica raised money to plant a memorial tree in UCLA’s botanical garden, one of her friend’s favorite spots. more

Currently trending funeral & memorial crowdfunding campaigns:

Würdige jemanden

Hilf einer trauernden Familie in schweren Zeiten. Entlaste sie finanziell und würdige die verstorbene Person mit einer privaten GoFundMe-Crowdfunding-Kampagne in deren Namen.

Wende dich an deine Gemeinschaft

Lass dir von Familie und Freunden mit Beerdigungs-, Feuerbestattungs- und Sterbebegleitungskosten helfen. Starte einen Aufruf, damit statt Blumen für das Grab Geld gegeben wird, um für eine Herzensangelegenheit deines verstorbenen Angehörigen zu spenden.

Einfaches Crowdfunding

Während einer der schwersten Zeiten im Leben kannst du über GoFundMe finanzielle Hilfe zur Bezahlung der Bestattungskosten für einen kürzlich gestorbenen, geliebten Menschen zu erhalten.
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