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Today, we have witnessed some of the most horrific instances of aggression and maleficence on the gaming community. Sunday, August 26th 2018 will not be a date to be forgotten. This act of violence was done with the purposeful intent on dividing us all. We must be stronger than the adversity this will cause. So to those of The GLHF Game Bar, Chicago's Pizza, and all those at The Jacksonville Landing: The owners, staff, gamers, other patrons and innocent bystanders, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. Your community stands behind you in full support during this difficult time. 

To stand in our solidarity with you and the rest of the gaming community, a fundraiser has been started to cover funeral costs, medical costs, counselling and other costs incurred from this horrendous tragedy. 

Please join me in prayer, good vibes, community awareness, shares, likes, support or whatever else you believe in... GLHF we will remember ♥ RIP

Elijah “Eli” Clayton, from Woodland Hills, California, played under the handle “True” or “Trueboy” 

Taylor Robertson, who won the 2017 Madden Classic e-sports gaming tournament,  whose gamer tag was "SpotMePlzzz"

Thank you for your support,

Sam McG, Friend and Patron of GLHF

#GamersGiveBackGLHF #GLHF #GamersforGLHF #GLHFstrong #Jacksonvillestrong #JaxStrong #JacksonvilleLanding #GamersUnite #StandwithGLHF #Madden19 #EASports #EA #XBOX #Playstation #Sony #CNN #FOXNews #AJC #NYTimes #NFL #DUUUVAL
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Update on Charity Organization status:

I have been in the phone all morning with government officials, attorneys and other collaborators. We are working with all to make sure we do everything by the book and up to state standards. I will let you guys know more on the process when I find out more. As this has gotten bigger than I he originally anticipated, I need to make sure this GoFundMe page is separated from myself as a person and individual entity (so people can’t try to get sue happy with me). Thank you for all of your support and continued love towards the community. I’ll continue to keep you all posted ❤️
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Hey Y'all, I was just informed that the email is Jaxwillrespawn1@gmail.com NOT Jaxwillrespawn@gmail.com.

Please email with your order information (Size, Color of shirt, and shipping address) and Jax will follow up with payment information.

You will get a confirmation email that your order was received!

So sorry for any confusion this may have caused!!

You all are AMAZING and Im so thankful to be a part of this collaboration with each of you
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Our cost has now increased to $17 per shirt to help cover the cost of shipping. Thank you for understanding as we are ALL volunteers and working hard on sponsorships in the future. Thank you guys, GLHF has the best family/community <3

Please email Jaxwillrespawn1@gmail.com with your order information (Size, Color of shirt, and shipping address) and Jax will follow up with payment information.

You will get a confirmation email that your order was received!
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MESSAGE FROM: Jax Local Group #Jaxwillrespawn (T-shirt Information)

*Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know that we got sponsored by Microsoft for 50 shirts! Unfortunately the design logos will only come in black or white, but we can offer a variety of shirt colors: Red, Navy Blue, Pink, Purple, Black, White, and green! They will be going to our distributor tonight, will be ready tomorrow afternoon, but available for pick up Wednesday at the Microsoft Store at the St. John's Town Center starting at 6pm!!

Please send your order requests to JaxWillRespawn1@gmail.com.

I will need size, design choice, and colored t shirt with which color print. Thank you!!!!

Hey Everyone! Our Cashapp for the shirts is available! If you have ordered your shirts, please pay via the CashApp! The Cashapp is not linked to any bank accounts, so it cannot be withdrawn until we raise enough to give it to GLHF! Please order and pay. I have to have all orders in by midnight! Thank you!!!
Good morning, everyone! I was wondering if you could help share this with the Jacksonville Jaguars team!
A few of us in Jacksonville have designed shirts to raise money and awareness for the victims of the GLHF madden shooting. I have reached out to the Jacksonville Jaguar official Facebook page to see if they will help sponsor the t-shirts. We have over 100 order request, the printer, I just don't have the personal financing to buy all of the shirts to have made! Please help share this so they will consider sponsoring us with these t-shirts. Let's support our gaming community, the GLHF staff and bar. the victims of this tragedy, and their families. All proceeds from the shirts will go directly to the victims and their families to help cover medical cost, funeral expenses, and whatever else GLHF and the victims will need! Please share, share, share! To your local radio station, news station, and of course... the Jacksonville Jaguars Football Team
The shirts are $15 each and you can purchase them by using the cash app and place orders by using the email above.

**A Note from the Creator**

Respawn. A word gamers know all too well, but respawn is now taking on a different meaning. As we are all processing the devastating blow of the Jacksonville, FL Madden shooting, #GamersGiveBackGLHF has combined with a local group to sell T-shirts for the victims charity. #JaxWillRespawn is assisting #GamersGiveBackGLHF in reaching their goals be designing shirts to sell. We are currently distributing the "Jax Will Respawn" logo t-shirts. Everyone in this community is greatly affected by the loss of two wonderful gamers/people, and we know that in this life, they can't get a respawn, but that doesn't mean that kindness can't! The Jax Will Respawn t-shirts are to remind everyone that even in the midst of this chaos, kindness is respawning, compassion for our fellow people is respawning, and that a community who cares is going to respawn from the ashes to bring about light into a world and community that desperately needs it right now. As we continue to make the shirts, we will be able to incorporate our "Jax Strong" design, as well. Thank you and what a wonderful community we have! GLHF! ❤
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43.759 $ des Ziels von 250.000 $

Gesammelt von 627 Personen in 28 Tagen
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