Paint the Ugly Wall

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Community beautification project.
Our neighborhood is working with the City of Hollywood, FL. to beautify the area. We want to paint an Ocean Theme Art Mural on the ugly sound barrier wall that boarders our community. We presented our idea to the City, they agreed.  We created a detailed concept proposal and with City of Hollywood support, we have secured Community Aesthetic Feature Agreement (CAFA) Stage 1 Concept approval from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). On Nov. 2nd, a City Resolution was passed approving the concept. Hollywood City Officials are very supportive and encouraging.  
Now... We Need Your Help.

About the Mural.
The concept of the mural is: Walk into the Ocean. As if the person walking on the sidewalk is walking into the sea. Starting at the East end of the wall with beach sand and surf, moving into the light turquoise water, going deeper to the 1st reef past snorkelers, moving deeper past divers and sea life as the water gets deeper and bluer until the end of the walk/wall. 

This mural is going to be an incredible work of art. We expect it will become a Landmark here for many years to come. This mural will not only provide a beautiful enhancement to our city, it will also promote conservation of our oceans & reefs, as well as encourage tourism to our area businesses.

Everyone Asks?
Why does it cost so much?
Well, the wall is over 600 feet long. 
We spoke with several mural artists. We asked them for rough estimates. The estimates range from $30k to over $80k. We first have to clean the wall. Next, we have to prepare the surface and paint a base coat. Then the selected artist will paint the mural. When completed the mural will be coated with a special anti-graffiti process. As per the FDOT, we also have to include the costs for long term maintenance and eventual removal.

Where does your money go? The money you contribute will be donated directly to the City of Hollywood, FL to facilitate the project.

Now, we need to raise the funds and complete the State permitting process.

Please help us make Hollywood a more beautiful place.

Thank you for your generous donations.

Check out more photos, volunteer to help or just check progress on our Facebook page: Paint the Ugly Wall
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FDOT painted the wall beige. We have a nice base coat now.
Old , NEW, TBD
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FDOT painted the wall beige. It's looking so much better. This is a great advantage for our project. No more prep or base coat paint costs. We are reducing our goal to reflect the most current project estimates.
FDOT painted the wall beige.
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Looks like somebody(we think it's FDOT) is doing something. They cleaned the sidewalk and painted the C-10 canal bridge. We hope they continue. It will save us on clean and prep cost.
Someone cleaned the sidewalk. Thank you.
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You have the opportunity to support a cause where you can see the change in front of your eyes. Because of you, thoroughfares like Sheridan Street can be an inspiring drive for the 40,000 people a day that sit in traffic driving home from work passing this ugly wall. Imagine the difference that color and art can have on those sitting in traffic and the families they go home to. Help us make an incredible work of art.
West Section Concept Image
West End Ramp Concept- Sea Turtle
West End Ramp Concept- SeaRay
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3.809 $ des Ziels von 30.000 $

Gesammelt von 54 Personen in 25 Monate
Erstellt am 26. Oktober 2016
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Louie's Professional Dog Grooming
vor 4 Monaten (Offline-Spende)

Thank you Louie for your generous donation.

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Commission in Community Attendees
vor 4 Monaten (Offline-Spende)
100 $
Sylvia Koutsodontis
vor 16 Monaten (Offline-Spende)

Great project. Looking forward to it.

30 $
Commission in the Community Meeting
vor 16 Monaten (Offline-Spende)

Thank you to the folks that donated at the meeting.

500 $
vor 16 Monaten
10 $
Shiranie Kikutis
vor 17 Monaten (Offline-Spende)

Great project.

25 $
Brenda Shackleford
vor 18 Monaten (Offline-Spende)

Great project.

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