"Anthony's Angels"

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Anthony is a young man with a bright future ahead of him.  He is in his Senior year at Minnesota State.  He is looking forward to graduating in the spring with a communications degree.  We know that this is not going to deter his future, his grit and determination wouldn't allow it.  His supportive family and close knit group of friends have rallied behind him and will be with him every step of the way.  Not only that, but he has 2 loving dogs that can't wait for him to come home. 

On September 8th Anthony was celebrating his 23rd birthday when he tragically fell 25 feet.  He sustained life threatening injuries to his brain that left him fighting for his life.  

It's still too early to determine the full extent of his brain injury, but the road to full recovery may take months.  The biggest concern at this time is the swelling and bleeding of the brain along with skull fractures.  Please pray with us in this area for continued healing.  

We're a family of strong  believers and know the power of prayer.  We know that  Anthony will pull through this, he has always been a strong and determined young man.  Please join us in prayer as "Anthony's Angels" and help  him fight for a speedy recovery.

In the meantime, he will have some very real financial needs.  If you would like to donate a monetary amount to go toward his bills, medical expenses, getting back on his feet post hospitalization, etc. it would be very much appreciated.  We thank you in advance for your prayers and generous support.
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8 days ago our world stood still. "Anthony is fighting for his life". The weight of those words can't be carried. They're a mother's worst nightmare. 8 short days ago the future of Anthony was still unknown by doctors. There were no clear answers, only guesses, estimates, and statistics. There are times in our lives when all we believe in is put to the test. When you fill a sponge with water, and it's put to the test (squeezed), water comes out. When you fill a life with faith and the belief that God is a Healer, and He can work ALL things out for good, and it's put to the test~hope, peace, and strength are released. Thank you Jesus for the brilliant team of doctors and nurses caring for Anthony at the best hospital in the nation, but thank you even more for filling in all of the guesses, estimates, and statistics with a promise.

Anthony has left floor 8D! Tonight, he was officially strong enough to be moved to a neuro general floor to begin brain rehab. They will concentrate on walking, speech, and memory, among other things.

He has already begun to make progress. He can sit up on the end of the bed, and use the bathroom. He's able to walk with a podium and gait belt. He puts on deodorant (multiple times a day :)), feeds himself solids, and tries to charm the nurses into getting him out of the hospital. LOL! He continues to grow stronger every day.

There are other areas we are continuing to pray for. He still gets pretty confused and struggles with short term memory loss. He doesn't understand why he still has to be in the hospital.

Please pray for Anthony's web of thoughts to become untangled and for his short term memory to improve. Thank you immensely for your continued love and support!!
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Anthony surprised us all! Two nights ago the doctors were baffled about his brain pressure numbers. They were very unpredictable and they didn't know why. Even though they were "baffled" we knew that the Holy Spirit was moving and God was continuing to heal him from the inside out.

Yesterday was a rest day. They wanted to limit the stimulation and allow the pressure to stabilize. We continued to lay hands on him and pray. We knew that countless others were doing the same thing which brought us peace.

When Anthony comes out of sedation, he has been extremely uncomfortable with the bolt (the monitor on his skull to measure brain pressure) and breathing tube and he can not calm down and follow any commands. So our prayer has been that he would be able to respond to simple commands (i.e. squeeze hand) and show that he is strong enough for the bolt and tube to be removed. It didn't look likely last night, but we aren't moved by what we saw, we knew God can work miracles!!

This morning, our prayers and his rest paid off! By 8:00 a.m. we heard that his brain pressure numbers were stable enough to have the bolt removed. Praise God!! A short while after, around 9:30, he began to come out of sedation. This time we could see in his eyes that he understood he was in the hospital and in order to get the breathing tube removed, he'd have to calm down enough to show us he could respond on command. The determination in his eyes brought us all to tears. We were so proud of how BRAVE and COURAGEOUS he was to demonstrate these tasks. He was able to hold it together enough to show us and the team of doctors that he could shake his head, squeeze a hand, and give a thumbs up. Thank you Jesus!!

We are so thankful for this part of the recovery to be behind us.

There is still an unpredictable road to recovery ahead of us, but this is just another chapter in this great testimony!

Hundreds of people have reached out to the family and friends with prayers, check-ins, food, gift cards, money, etc. This situation would be so much harder to go through without all of the love you've shown. For that we are truly grateful. "Thank you" seems too small for the gratitude we feel.

God is so faithful and we are looking forward to seeing how he continues to move!
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21.483 $ des Ziels von 30.000 $

Gesammelt von 410 Personen in 14 Tagen
Erstellt am 9. September 2018
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