Xpress Radio Studio Upgrade

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Erstellt am 16. November 2017
Xpress Radio is Cardiff University's award-winning student radio station.

This past year, we've gone beyond the realms of typical student broadcast - we've broadcasted in French to a sister station in Quebec, produced more podcast content than ever before on our second channel Xpress Xtra, and pushed our Welsh language content to the max, a venture close to our hearts in the gorgeous capital city of Wales.

Unfortunately, despite the enthusiasm and the incredible content our members have been creating, we are under threat. We face a daily battle with our own studio equipment, particularly with our ancient analog mixing desk installed in 2001.

We are having to fight against our own home to produce content to entertain our audience of 30k+ students online and in Cardiff Students' Union. Our analog desk, vastly outmoded in a digital age, compounds our problems and, as much as we can produce quality content, in our current situation any quality is severely reduced by factors out of our control. 

We are now in a position whereby if we cannot replace our desk within the foreseeable future then, sadly, the future looks ominous for this fantastic outlet for student creativity.

Our radio station offers so much to the students of Cardiff University, from opportunities on the microphone and behind the scenes, to experience with Capital South Wales and connections with the elite in the industry; many of our members have gone on to work in radio in some capacity. As part of Cardiff Student Media, we form a unique family, integrating members with those of Gair Rhydd (newspaper), CUTV (television), and Quench (magazine). If Xpress Radio was to cease broadcast, it would be a huge loss to not only the career opportunities of students, but also to the social network we have spent the last 21 years constructing and maintaining.

We wish it didn't have to come to this, but your extra support is vital in securing our future and the future of our students. We have spent several years saving up to invest in a new digital desk but just when we can afford it, another equipment failure occurs, be it a microphone or a compressor, and sets us back several hundreds or thousands of pounds. As it stands, we are at the final financial hurdle and your support is what will keep Xpress Radio broadcasting.

If you have any studio spares, we will gratefully accept these in lieu of monetary donations.

Thank you.
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Your generosity is unparalleled.

If we reach £2500, then we'll release a Christmas single. That's right. Singing. Wouldn't you like to hear that?

Thank you so much, you wonderful people!
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WOW WOW WOW!!! THANK YOU to Vicki Blight and Huw Edwards for helping us reach our second stretch goal - you are incredible! We cannot believe your generosity!

This now means that BOTH of our Station Managers will be wandering around with purple hair!

£2000 would be an amazing stretch goal to achieve, but at £2500 the entire exec team will go PURPLE!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you! It means so much to us all! Emma now officially has to dye her hair purple, and Charlie must get a purple streak!

To see Charlie get entirely purple hair, we've got to raise £1500 before 12pm tomorrow!

To see the ENTIRE exec team of Xpress Radio with purple hair, we've got to get to £2500!

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*** NEWS JUST IN ***
By the end of the 24 hour takeover:

*** IF WE REACH OUR GOAL OF £1000 ***
It's just been confirmed that Station Manager Emma McGuigan will dye her hair XPRESS PURPLE!
Co-Station Manager Charlie Edmunds has announced that he'll put a purple streak in his hair!

*** STRETCH GOAL: £1500 ***
Charlie Edmunds will go FULL PURPLE. You might even get him confused with Delyth...

*** STRETCH GOAL: £2500 ***
The ENTIRE exec team will go XPRESS PURPLE. We'll prove our dedication.
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2.220 £ des Ziels von 2.500 £

Gesammelt von 88 Personen in 12 Monate
Erstellt am 16. November 2017
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